4 Ways Mobile ATM Rentals Can Increase Event Revenue

4 Ways Mobile ATM Rentals Can Increase Event Revenue

The trend of going cashless makes it harder for vendors to sell their products and for guests to fully enjoy events, but mobile ATM machines can turn back the tide. Whether you’re a festival organizer, vendor, or customer, a mobile ATM will help make your event experience smoother and much more fun. Find out some of the reasons why.

When People Have Cash, They Spend It

As much as 75-80% of cash pulled from mobile ATMs at large events like concerts or county fairs is spent at the event

That is partly because exchanging cash is a quicker process for customers who are eager to return to the fun — if they only have a debit or credit card, they might be deterred from buying a vendor’s wares because of time constraints.Additionally, mobile ATMs are a convenient way for event-goers to pull more money without leaving the venue. Oftentimes, when people run out of cash, they simply call it a day and head out. Having easy access to cash encourages people to stay at events longer and buy more food, souvenirs, and tickets.

Cash Is Universally Accepted

Big holdups can occur if a customer uses a card that a vendor either doesn’t accept or can’t accept to begin with. While there are technologies available that make it easier for more vendors to accept card payments, cash is still the easiest way to pay.An ATM rental allows event-goers to pull cash for vendors who do not accept card payments. With cash, their transaction will be successful every time.

Fewer Credit Card Fees

One challenge modern vendors have to face is credit card fees. They cut into a vendor’s profits, especially on smaller purchases, meaning that vendors take home far less revenue from an event. No fees are accrued from paying with cash!

ATM Rental Surcharge Bonus

With mobile ATMs present, people are encouraged to pull out money and to use it. An additional perk of MOBILEMONEY’s ATMs is that you can also keep a portion of the mobile ATM surcharge as a commission. You’ll increase spending and get a little something extra!


Multiple Mobile ATMsFor high-volume locations at your venue or event, MOBILEMONEY will install two mobile ATMs, side by side. ATM lines will move faster, giving event-goers the efficient cash management experience they need.

A Trusted Name

MOBILEMONEY is the largest provider of ATM rentals nationwide. Our name is known and trusted, meaning customers will pull cash from our mobile ATMs with confidence.

Full-Service Installation

Don’t worry about having to install your mobile ATMs yourself — MOBILEMONEY has you covered. We’ll draw from our nationwide, local teams to get the job done so you and your vendors can make a profit.

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