5 Considerations to Evaluate Ticket Redemption Kiosks

5 Considerations to Evaluate Ticket Redemption Kiosks

Gone are the days when players needed to use the coin system for redemption. The advent of the ticket redemption machine has led the casinos to provide the customers with improved cage solutions and redemption services.

At first, casino owners used the device as the best strategy to reduce expenses and attract slot customers. However, customers’ preference for self-service is increasingly growing day by day, as per Global Payments Gaming Solutions.

Due to this, the constraints for increasing profitability and decreasing costs are now converging at these advanced kiosks. CASINOMONEY, for instance, offers an outstanding ticket redemption kiosk with unparalleled cage solutions that can help gambling industrialists to enjoy higher profits with less cost incurred.

Moreover, installing a ticket redemption machine can help expand gambling businesses. However, casino owners need to consider these five factors to choose the best ticket redemption kiosk for them.

How Can the Device Help Maximize Patrons’ Spend?

Is the vendor providing the services that would help to maximize cash access? Are they giving the insight to improve machine placement for maximum customers’ captivation? Usually, ticket redemption represents 80% of the machine’s transactions. Therefore, a high-quality device tends to increase transaction volume and expand the transaction size.

Is the Device Minimizing Space?

No matter the size of the casino floor, every space in the casino should be utilized to produce money. Often, casino owners buy a giant size kiosk to fill up maximum cash. However, it is vital to keep in mind that cash-capacity does not matter. Instead, they should consider installing a ticket redemption kiosk that comes in compact size yet provides most efficiency. The device should be capable of occupying less space with offering casino owners best cage solutions.

How can it Maximize spending Across the Casino?

Although putting cash in players’ pockets is good, how can owners be sure they will spend that amount at the same casino? Is communicating the offerings and delivering the information secure with the machine? Unlike cage, ticket redemption kiosks allow the casino owners to pass on the details through a seamless, uninterrupted network.

Not to mention, ticket redemption kiosks can play a crucial role in turning new customers into the loyal base of patrons. Therefore, it is essential for gaming house owners to install the kiosks that allow customers to play games during their free time. Is the kiosk offer signage to patrons as they walk to the device? Does the machine provide the customers with flexibility through impeccable transactions and other features? Casino owners will need to ensure it all.

How Can Ticket Redemption Kiosk Boost Casino Revenues?

It has recently shown up that the e-check-solutions and cash advance services only make up 4% of transactions, which means peoples still prefer using redemption kiosk. The transactions made through ticket redemption kiosks promote more cash in circulation on casino floors. Moreover, these modified devices provide fee revenue to the cage.

Choosing the device that helps captivate more audience and retain existing customers is of utmost importance. Therefore, gambling house owners must look for vendors that offer screen prompts and signage with kiosks. It will steer the patrons to the product, which in return will maximize the surcharge amount.

How can this Machine Keep Patrons and Business Safe?

While ticket redemption kiosk has solved many problems for casinos, the biggest challenge associated with it is of security. Therefore, two types of vendors that will not be suitable for casino owners:

  1. Vendors who are not well aware of such issues
  2. Vendors who do not have expertise in integrating dependable security solutions with their machines

It is imperative to opt for the casino solutions providers that use EMV technology and other multi-layered security solutions.

The Bottom Line

In this era, modern fintech has provided several businesses with a secured channel for transactions. Therefore, installing a safe ticket redemption kiosk from CASINOMONEY will be the best decision for casino businesses.

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