6 Considerations to Evaluate Casino Self-Service Kiosks

6 Considerations to Evaluate Casino Self-Service Kiosks

In recent years, the new and modified ticket redemption kiosks have revolutionized a large number of casinos. Gone are the days when players needed to collect their winning coins and take them to cage cashier to convert them into money. Today, many casinos have integrated ticket redemption kiosks that have made things much more easier.

Many casino owners believe that ticket redemption machines have helped in reducing the expenses and increased the number of patrons. However, according to a whitepaper published recently, it was revealed that consumers are preferring visiting the casinos that provide self-service to their patrons.

Consequently, casino owners become successful in escalating floor profitability and mitigating cage costs through the installment of ticket redemption kiosks. However, it is important to mention here that generating higher profits from gaming kiosks would take time. Meanwhile, casinos management should consider the following six factors to evaluate the installment of ticket redemption kiosk.

  1. How will this Device keep Functioning even when the Casino is full of Crowd?

    It is one of the common questions that come to mind while installing the ticket redemption kiosk. Of course, no owner would like his or her device to run out of order, specifically in times when they have a major crowd coming through the doors.

    However, they cannot deny that every machine breaks at some point and thus it is essential to choose for CASINOMONEY, as they will fix the machine promptly, saving the casino operators from losing their patrons. The company provides 24/7 proactive monitoring service to save their customers from dealing with the nuisances that come with out-of-order devices.

  2. Will the Device Promote the Revenue-Generating Casino Services?

    At present, e-check solutions and cash advance make up only 4% of casino transactions. Not to mention, these kiosk transactions four-fold the size of the average transaction. Therefore, adding more cash in casinos to circulate will provide higher fee revenues to the owners. CASINOMONEY provides services that limit guest friction while using screen prompts and impeccable cage solutions.

  3. Will the Device Provide Secure Solutions?

    One of the major concerns for casino owners is the security of their self-service kiosks. In that case, it is important to look for the casino management solutions providers that offer EMV, encrypted, and tokenization solutions to protect the patron’s data and ensure consumer privacy.

  4. Will the Device Help Maximize Guest Spend?

    The next crucial thing to consider is whether or not the device maximizes guest spends. Well, casino kiosk represents 80% of the transactions. Therefore, it is imperative to opt for the casino kiosks providers that provide the operators with an insight into better placement of the device. CASINOMONEY provides the customers with casino ATM solutions that help maximize guest spend along with providing convenient cash access.

  5. Does the Device Minimize Casino Space?

    Well, many casino owners out there may have this question in mind. However, it is important to remember that every spot of casino either produces money or costs money. Therefore, maximizing the casino floor for ticket redemption kiosks that intend to generate revenues is a sound decision.

  6. How can Ticket Redemption Kiosk Maximize Casino Spending?

    The last factor to consider while installing a ticket redemption kiosk is that whether or not the device maximizes the spending across the property. Well, ticket redemption devices provide the casino owners with a captive audience, since the machine delivers convenience.

The Bottom Line

Due to the high convenience and secure redemptions, ticket redemption kiosks have become a cornerstone of patrons engagement experience and a profit center for the casinos. However, casino owners that are planning to install ticket redemption kiosks or integrate impeccable cage solutions much reach out to CASINOMONEY.

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