8 Surefire Ways to Improve ATM Security

8 Surefire Ways to Improve ATM Security

There is no doubt that ATMs are vulnerable and more susceptible to criminals. Of course, these machines carry a bulk amount of cash that lures robbers to strip it off and steal all the cash inside. While technological innovations have brought plenty of facilities, at the same time, they have paved ways for tech-savvy criminals. In other words, today, many cybercriminals have the expertise they can bank on to rob your ATM.

According to Information Security Media Group, two TD Canada Banks customers recently spotted skimming devices in separate branches in Calgary. This incident, notwithstanding, brings to light that it is imperative to educate ATM users to avoid such unfavorable events. Not to mention, consumer education has become a focus for law enforcement and financial institutions.

Besides, we also highlighted a couple of ATM robberies lately in our previous articles to emphasize how important it is to make your ATM secure. If you talk about the consequences of ATM robbery, keep in mind that it not only causes a significant financial loss to you but may also damage your business reputation.

Indeed, consumers will not want to visit a store where there are high risks of mugging. Note that, for consumers, reliability is one of the first factors they look for in the business before opting for its products or services.

While bearing it in mind, the merchants, banks, and other financial institutions have started to implement different security techniques against skimming. While other countries are moving to EMV technology, the United States focuses more on adopting improved security solutions for financial transactions and ATMs.

However, it is essential to mention here that educating consumers, employees, and ATM operators play a critical role in preventing criminal activities. Not to mention, it is one of the best practices to ensure ATM safety and security.

Also, it is imperative for you to choose the best and reliable ATM service provider, such as MOBILEMONEY, to avoid any pitfalls. They have a highly skilled team that assures impeccable and robust ATM security. That said, here are eight practical ways to improve your ATM security.

  1. First, whether you are buying an ATM or you already have one installed at your business place, make sure that all the locks are secure. Don’t forget to test locks before purchasing the device. In case your current ATM has less secured locks, upgrade it with Cencon Vault Security System.
  2. Since ATMs feature operating systems to function correctly, download software updates regularly, and try to incorporate all the new security advancements in your cash machine for extreme safety.
  3. Ensure that all the communication networks you are using are secure with robust security software. Unfortunately, if someone hacks your ATM, you will still have a chance to prevent robbery due to the alarming alerts.
  4. Make sure to integrate only approved security updates, with a proper record. Implement layered security that monitors your online system closely and reduces the risks of mugging.
  5. Opt for 24/7 ATM monitoring service to avoid robberies and stealing of cash from your ATM.
  6. Do regular security checks of your ATMs by hiring highly trained IT professionals. You can also opt for MOBILEMONEY’s proactive security service.
  7. Integrate a detection system that ensures to send an alert when an unusual incident occurs.
  8. Add a jamming mechanism that detects skimming through an electromagnetic field and discontinues the process.

The Bottom Line

While ATMs are more prone to robbery, it has become highly essential to secure your ATM. Note that, providing your customers with highly secured ATM solutions will not only build their trust but also boost your business reputation.
Since improving your ATM security requires high expertise and in-depth knowledge, you can turn to MOBILEMONEY as their team will manage your ATM security system efficiently.

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