About Us

About Us


We provide financial services to retail chains, special events, casinos, hotels and financial institutions - nationwide. Our full-service applications include ATMs, cash advance, check cashing, data processing, cashless currency, and armored transportation. We are dedicated to providing reliable cash-access solutions with superior customer service. Our mission is to provide consumers with convenient, quick, and safe financial transactions, thereby adding value to our long-term clients.

Our cash access solutions include:

  • ATM Sales - Low ATM cost guarantee. Simple ATM financing. Free technical support. Earn 100% of the ATM surcharge fee.
  • Free ATM Placements - No cost ATM placement. New ATM hardware. Cash management. Monthly ATM commissions.
  • Mobile ATMs - Fairs, Festivals and Special Events.. Full-service mobile ATM placements. Wireless. On-site technicians.
  • Bank Branding - Nationwide full-service ATM locations. Surcharge-free access. Brand awareness. ATM fleet management.
  • Casino Cash Access - Gaming. ATM. Cash advance. POS debit. Check cashing. Ticket redemption. Cage software.
  • Cashless Electronic Currency - Cashless venues. RFID integration. Point of sale (POS). Wireless mesh networks. Kiosks.
  • Armored Car - Cash-in-transit. ATM & Kiosk management. Cash, coin, & check processing. Reliable cash deliveries.


Established in 1996.

For over 20 years, MobileMoney has built a reputation of reliability, integrity and respect. Our goal is to build and protect our good name, generating positive experiences for our Clients and their customers - with whom we serve.

MobileMoney is dedicated to providing superior equipment, software, support, and customer service. Our Mission is to provide consumers with convenient, quick, and safe financial transactions, thereby offering a value-added service to our Clients.

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Cash Automation + Electronic Payments... Anywhere.

Our full-service applications deliver ATMs, kiosks, cash advance, check cashing, cashless payments and armored cash-in-transit. . . anywhere. Our services include:

  • No cost placements
  • Mobile ATM rentals
  • Sales and leasing
  • Redemption Kiosks
  • Gaming cash access
  • Cashless events
  • Kiosk design