Advertise Your Brand On An ATM Machine

Advertise Your Brand On An ATM Machine

Branding your logo or your event on the side of our ATM Machines will give you that extra oomph that can tie everything together. You always know when the design and the coordination of that design is working in a certain space.

By maximizing your look and your visibility across your target location, and within the eyesight of your target market, you will be noticed. You will be seen. And that will help you succeed.

MOBILEMONEY and EVENTMONEY show up to hundreds of events per year, including Bonnaroo, Coachella, Kentucky Derby, and a slew of others. We've skinned the front back and sides of ATM Machines specifically for brands and campaigns all over the country.

If your company, cause, event, or brand needs recognition or a message going out to the public - consider the notion that having a design on an ATM Machine puts you right in front of thousands of people who may want to try out your products or services. These people will be getting visual as well as hidden queues that they should pull out their money and spend it on your products or services.

Not to mention, even those who are walking by will see your branding - will see your message, and the seed will be dropped inside their brain. Be bold. Claim their attention. Get inside their head. You need to find them during that time when your products and or services are relevant to them - meaning right before they are going to make a purchase.

By having your branding on an ATM Machine, you start making that hidden subliminal connection between being comfortable giving money to your organization. The payment by the payee is a simple transactional, yet relational ritual which has been going on long before we even had coins. Now in this age of QuasiCash, or quick exchange - be sure that you are still noticed, and that when you are noticed, it is in a way that positively stands out in their mind.

Around the world ATM machines are used  simply because they provide the most convenience in delivering cash to their users hands - quickly and almost effortlessly. Millions of transactions are performed daily to expeditiously get these funds to their cardholders. Not only is it a smart decision to provide customers with the ability to withdraw their funds at any time, but it's giving people what they want, when they want it. And people like that.

MOBILEMONEY is a leading provider of ATM products with numerous clients using our products and or services through ATMS or various other modern fintech solutions nationally. We look forward to serving your needs and helping you meet your goals, whatever they may be. Here is a quick list of ATM usage statistics which may give you some valuable insight into the World of ATM and why it is a great idea to have one placed in or around your business.

Here's Some ATM Statistics Worth Noting

  • ATM Customers Spend More: ATM users spend 20-25% more in convenience stores alone.
  • ATM Users Visit Frequently: 40% use an ATM 8-10 times a month.
  • High Traffic: The average ATM is used 300 times per month
  • Popular Stop: 60% of Americans ages 25-34, and 51% ages 35-49, withdraw $40.00 8-10 times per month.
  • Billions of Transactions: Over 10 billion transactions are performed at ATMs in the U.S. every year
  • ATM Popularity Explosion: According to Wall Street, “The ATM industry will grow tenfold in 4 years”
  • Employees Love ATMs: They provide safety and convenience in the workplace.

7 Eleven ATM Performance

  • Average 7-Elevens approximately perform: 3000 transactions per month
  • Worst 7-Elevens approximately perform: 1100 transactions per month
  • Best 7-Elevens approximately perform: 6400 transactions per month
  • As you can see, businesses can take advantage of the benefits provided by ATMs and experience a higher rate of consumer traffic, thus improving overall profits.

Here's The Question: Do electronic payments bring macroeconomic benefits?

Moody’s Analytics attempted to answer this question by analyzing macroeconomic data for 70 countries between 2011 and 2015. By calculating the impact of card usage on per capita consumption, Moody’s Analytics was able to extrapolate the effect that the increase in spending on goods and services had on consumption and thereby GDP.

Specifically, Moody’s Analytics estimated that higher card usage contributed an additional $296 billion to consumption between 2011 and 2015, or a 0.1% cumulative increase in global GDP during the sample time period. That equals about a $74 billion contribution to GDP each year. Real consumption grew at an average of 2.3% in the same period, of which 0.01 percentage point is attributable to increased card penetration. This implies that card usage accounted for about 0.4% of growth in consumption, as well as an average increase of 2.6 million jobs over 2011-2015.

Your brand is that image that sticks into people's heads. It's the identity of your product or services. This is your stamp, it is what people remember. Babies remember brands! Kids are obsessed with brands. And so are adults. You can get people to pay a lot more for a product, just by associating that product with a powerful brand identity.

This is also true with your and your brand. This is also true with getting out there and introducing your brand to the public. Be bold. Live well. And treat each other right. Put your best foot forward, and know when to risk, and when to avert risk. Be loyal to your values, your goals and your products. Give them a fighting chance. Put your wares in front of people who have the means to purchase them.

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