All You Need to Know About Mobile ATM

All You Need to Know About Mobile ATM

The restricted opening hours of banks is what ignited the concept of ‘cash machines’ almost 50 years ago. A chocolate bar-dispenser is what inspired Sir John Shepherd-Barron to invent his very first ATM, which was inaugurated in June 1967, outside Barclays Branch. Since then, Automated Teller Machines (ATM) have come a long way from processing everything manually at very specific points to, ATMs that can move from one location to another at the discretion of stakeholders.

Irrespective of whether we talk about businesses or individuals, convenience has been the top sought-after aspect when it comes to financial transactions. This notion is what made the concept of mobile ATM popular. A mobile ATM is a type of ATM that can be placed practically anywhere because it is not confined by location. Hence the term, ‘mobile’ ATM is used. They are an ideal solution that addresses matters, like security, portability, and convenience, resulting in higher rates of customer satisfaction.

Mobile ATMs are particularly useful in events, such as fairs, festivals, concerts and so on. This is because they provide a number of benefits to the organizers as well as their expected audience.

General Characteristics

In most cases, in order to ensure the security and safety of the ATMs, they are literally drilled down or bound to a stationary area. They usually weigh thousands of pounds, making an incident like robbery a tiring endeavor.

Unlike conventional ATMs, which are stationed near financial institutions, or in mall, mobile ATMs are self-contained units that do not pose the need for an enclosure or building. They can be placed in any location, to process transactions wirelessly. However, they do require electrical supply.

Mobile ATMs are usually constructed to be weather resistant, so they are made with materials that can function in any kind of weather condition. Moreover, they consist of internal heating and cooling systems that enable them to operate at any temperature or environment.

Mobile ATMs are well-equipped with safety features to provide maximum peace of mind to the renter, as well as the end users.

Advantages to the End Users and Proprietors

Suppose that you are hosting a large-scale event that entails numerous stalls and kiosks, providing all sorts of varied items and services. You, or your business, are sponsoring the extensive event, providing a platform for young and small business owners to make a name for themselves.

As per your expectation, a large number of people will come to attend that event, and they will stop and take a bit or two from every stall or kiosk. However, as soon as they start to run out of cash, they will have to get some cash to restore their wallets. If they do not find an ATM within the arena, they will have to step outside to find another ATM; however, think about what you would prefer if you were in their place.

Mobile ATMs have the potential to make your event a huge success. Regardless of digital or card payments, cash payments are an evergreen method that will always be preferred over everything else.

Mobile ATMs are conveniently placed to provide optimum satisfaction to businesses and individuals. This results in greater profit generation and a higher satisfaction rate from the point of view of the audience, and the service providers.

Furthermore, all the hassle of transporting, setting, installing, monitoring and securing the ATM is done tremendously well by service providers, such as MOBILEMONEY. So, the organizers don’t have to worry about anything. Moreover, a business can customize cash receipts with their own brand, ensuring details on sponsorship efforts, and at times businesses can even earn passive income by collecting a portion of the surcharge that accumulates from the event withdrawals.

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