ATM Monitoring

ATM Monitoring

Consumers expect ATMs to perform – every time, all the time.

While MOBILEMONEY ATMs are extremely reliable, they still require full-time monitoring. All MOBILEMONEY ATMs are managed and monitored twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. This includes weekly cash replenishment, on-site maintenance, local technical support and off-site electronic monitoring of the ATM network.

MOBILEMONEY provides real-time ATM monitoring and control through its management software, MOBILEMONITORING. This proprietary software has been developed and fine-tuned to trace every ATM transaction, cash delivery, and service call within one company-wide interface. When an ATM goes out of service, MOBILEMONITORING immediately sends an email and text message to our local technicians for on-site service. Problem ATMs are promptly identified for immediate resolution. An open search field permits a query for any keyword, card number, date, time, or withdrawal amount to quickly locate the detailed information we are looking for.

MOBILEMONEY embraces ATM convenience and customer satisfaction as primary goals of our business. Our staff is trained to manage each and every ATM, listen to customer concerns, and empowered to respond in a positive manner. If an outstanding issue exists, we take the time to resolve the problem, modify our product and services, and implement positive change.


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