ATM Processing Explained

ATM Processing Explained

Over a couple of years, ATM installations have become widely popular. Of course, deploying an ATM at a business place provides you with myriads of benefits. Also, if you talk about the financial transaction trends, more than half of Americans are more likely to use ATMs rather than visiting a bank. Well, this is probably because cash machines have brought them great convenience and effective ATM solutions.

Considering that, whether you are planning to buy an ATM or already have one at your shop, then you need to know certain things so that you never experience any nuisance. Mainly, since you will be operating your automated teller machine, it is crucial for you to understand how it process transactions and how does it work.

Connectivity Options for Your ATM

When cash machines became popular in stores, the process involved a landline or standard analog dial-up system. However, almost every ATM features an RJ45 jack that allows exchanging important details between concerned parties through the internet. Also, cash machines use Ethernet connections to an ISP for processing.

Not to mention, today, most ATMs are integrated with wireless service. Companies like MOBILEMONEY provide you with such service at unbeatable pricing.  All the machines they offer incorporate the latest technological features that make processing impeccable, secure, and efficient.

Not only this, their wireless service includes a great option of the mobile cash machine, which allows you to make cashless transactions. Especially if you have an event coming up, you can opt for MOBILEMONEY’s portable cash machine. Placing a highly advanced ATM at your event not only improves your business reputation but will also provide you an opportunity to attract a stream of customers.

Ethernet Connectivity: The Most Reliable Option

Well, an Ethernet connection integrated with ATMs allows you to have a reliable yet secure service to process the financial transaction through your cash machine, without using a wireless device or adding a standard analog dial-up system. It will not only save your monthly landline expense but also provides your customers with fast transactions.

ATMs that have Ethernet connectivity commonly take maximum 8 seconds to make a transaction. On the other hand, an average ATM connected with phone line takes at least 20 seconds to process a transaction. Therefore, internet transaction processing is the greatest option for your ATM.

Accounting and Management Reporting

Once you have installed an ATM at your business location, it is very imperative to keep the transaction records with you. Well, you never know your customer may come with the complaint; having records will help you scrutinize the transaction made.

Well, keeping or maintaining a record for every transaction is quite difficult, since you have other business activities to deal with. In that case, you can opt for MOBILEMONEY’s monitoring service; they assure to keep all the records of transactions with them.

Not only this, but you can also choose their proactive maintenance service, which ensures to keep your ATM safe, secure, and never let run out of cash. Also, their highly trained IT team possess strong skills and in-depth knowledge that will protect your cash machine from potential criminals.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to install or upgrade your ATM system, make sure to integrate it with the best yet most reliable connectivity option. Not to mention, this will enable you to provide your customers with impeccable and surpassed ATM services, which will further help in retaining them.
So, if you decide to use Ethernet connectivity for your ATM, you can approach MOBILEMONEY; their expert team will guide and assist you throughout your ATM installation and upgrade process.

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