The Benefits of ATM Rentals at Events

The Benefits of ATM Rentals at Events

There is a simple way to increase the overall sales at your next event: by renting a mobile ATM. Most vendors do not accept credit cards, so having ATMs available encourages visitors to spend more. A mobile ATM for events benefits local artisans and vendors by increasing their sales as well. Provide attendees with safe access to cash and they may spend more money and time at your event.

Benefits of Mobile ATMs at events

When you rent an ATM, you are free to hold your event in any location without having to worry about whether there are any static ATMs in the area. You will also see increased revenue since 75% of money withdrawn from a mobile ATM is spent at the event. ATM rentals for festivals, fairs, and concerts use a wireless connection and work even in remote areas. By having ready cash available to patrons, you can encourage impulse buying and keep the lines to vendors moving with quicker cash transactions. Another plus point is that you won't have any work or maintenance to worry about since on-site technicians set up and take down ATM rentals for events. Having a mobile ATM on-site also provides a safe environment by reducing the number of people leaving and trying to re-enter an event, thus reducing the risk of illegal activities and also alleviating problems with congestion at the entrance gates.

Tips for ATM rentals

It's a good idea to provide visitors with access to money so that they can purchase food and water at outdoor events, especially at all-day events in warmer weather. To keep the rented ATM functioning well and convenient, place it in a central location near vendors, concessions, and booths with easy access. If the event covers a large area or a high number of attendees are expected, then it is better to rent a couple of ATM machines. Make sure your ATM machines are easy to find by signposting to them and ensure you rent an adequate number to keep people from leaving. Also, remember, make sure ATM machines are placed in well-lit, populated areas for your visitors' safety while withdrawing their money.

Improve the sales and atmosphere of your next event by renting mobile, wireless ATM machines. Attendees and vendors will be happier and more likely to recommend visiting your event to their friends and families or working at your event in the future. For more information on setting up a mobile ATM, speak to us at MOBILEMONEY today.

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