Buying vs. Leasing an ATM: What is the Best Option for you?

Buying vs. Leasing an ATM: What is the Best Option for you?

As you know a myriad of benefits that an ATM can provide to your business, you probably have been thinking about installing a cash device. Of course, deploying an ATM unit is the best way to generate an extra revenue stream. Not only this, it drives in a significant number of clients to your business location.

So, if you are planning to integrate an ATM into your business, numerous questions will come to your mind. However, one of the things you’d be confused about is whether to buy or lease an automated teller machine.

Buying an ATM

A couple of decades ago, the cost of buying and incorporating an ATM in business premises was much higher than it is today. However, over time, the increased demand has reduced the price for a cash machine. The great thing is that today, you will find a variety of ATMs, integrated with the latest technological features and robust security, such as from MOBILEMONEY, and all these cash units are available at reasonable rates.

When it comes to high-quality ATMs, remember that MOBILEMONEY offers a wide range of cash machines; and each is integrated with unique yet amazing features that certainly provide you with great benefits, particularly if you opt for one that best suit your business needs.

For instance, Genmega ATMs include wall-mounted cash machines and freestanding kiosks. So, depending on the space you have, make sure to choose an ATM that can fit at your business location. Moreover, these machines usually offer a large-capacity and sleek designs.

If you own a retail store, then Hyosung ATMs are probably the best option for you. Like Genmega, they also offer stand-alone cash kiosks and wall-mounted ATMs, integrated with amazing cash solutions. Although the upfront costs for purchasing an automated teller machine are higher, you can’t deny the fact that it will provide your business with a good ROI.

Leasing an ATM

No matter the reason, if you don’t want to pay for the upfront costs for an ATM, there is an excellent solution for you; lease a cash machine. Not to mention, renting an ATM device will allow you to earn extra income through surcharge fee, which you can utilize to pay the monthly rent for the device.
If you are wondering about the rates, keep in mind that the rent charges usually depend on the length of the leasing agreement and your credit history.

In other words, the best ATM providers, like MOBILEMONEY, will first go through your credit history to decide the monthly rent you are supposed to pay. For eligible business owners, some ATM companies also offer a deferred financing agreement.

ATM Placement

Well, it might sound surprising to you, but other than the two mentioned options, some ATM providers also offer a partnership agreement with an Independent ATM Distributor (IAD) for an ATM. If you don’t want to buy or lease an ATM and are still looking to install it at your place for increased revenue, then this is probably the best option for you.

IAD will be responsible for vaulting, installation, and maintenance for the machine; however, you will receive a certain percentage of the monthly gross earnings upon providing your space for ATM placement.

Bottom Line

If you are thinking about installing an ATM at your business place and can’t decide whether to buy or lease it, then this article will help you make the right decision. No matter the industry you deal in, you can reach MOBILEMONEY if you still have any confusion, as they will help you make the best decision for your business.

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