Cage Station with PayAuth 3.2 by CASINOMONEY

Cage Station with PayAuth 3.2 by CASINOMONEY

CASINOMONEY PayAuth 3.2 is an advanced payment platform that makes it easy to provide ATM, check cashing, and quasi-cash advance transactions. It also gives you critical insights into your patrons. Whether looking for your high rollers, or just general information on your customer spending habits, our online dashboards provides immediate insight.  Our Cash Access platform provides real-time transaction activity and monitoring. Key features include:

  • Processing for ATM, Check cashing, POS Debit and Cash Advance
  • EMV, PCI, SHA-512 Certified
  • Know Your Customer
  • Identify cash withdrawals, limits and spending habits to perform real-time risk analysis
  • Utilize a real-time online portal for fast, intuitive, and insightful information
  • High Roller Reporting
  • Real-time terminal alerts
  • Remote terminal management and hardware setting via the online portal
  • Day Reports, Month Reports, Cashier Reports, Customer Reports, and more
  • Title 31 Events
  • Fraud Activity and AML support


Plug & Play

The Plug & Play Cash Access Platform

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