Cash Advance ATM for Customer Acquisition

Cash Advance ATM for Customer Acquisition

Do you often notice customers leaving your casino when they run out of cash? If that’s true, then you need to install a cash advance ATM at your gaming place. While running a casino isn’t an accessible business, you need to adopt several strategies to entice and retain customers. Not to mention, placing a casino cash kiosk can significantly improve your business productivity and profitability in the long run.

However, when it comes to purchasing, you may find it quite tricky to find the right gaming ATM. But not anymore! CASINOMONEY provides you with a high-tech integrated, and state-of-the-art casino cash box that will bring maximum benefit to your gaming business.

Credit Cash Advance: An Amazing Facility For Your Patrons

According to financial institution rules, you can only withdraw a certain amount of cash from an ATM within 24 hours. When you exceed your daily cash withdrawal limit, an ATM will abort the action by declining the withdrawal.

Hence, if your customers find a typical ATM device at your casino and they fail to make extra withdrawals, they’ll prefer to leave your place immediately. As a result, you will lose even your most loyal customers over time.

However, the fantastic feature of CASINOMONEY’s ticket redemption kiosk for a credit cash advance can save you from such pitfalls. Glory SK-500, as a casino cash box, processes higher cash withdrawal requests through a credit card cash advance. With CASINOMONEY’s credit card cash advance solution, you can withdraw $100,000 without a PIN.

CASINOMONEY’s slot machine ticket redemption kiosk allows your gaming patrons to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars for immediate withdrawal. All your customers need is just a valid identification with an authentic signature.

With this incredible feature, casino cash ATM will allow your gamers to quickly return to the casino floor to place their next bet.

How Cash Advance Works

As a business owner, it’s more likely that you’re already familiar with the facility of ‘advance cash.’ To develop a better understanding, we are providing you with its details so that you have a clear idea of how an ATM casino can benefit your business through its cash advance feature.

A cash advance service allows customers to use their credit card that includes a short-term loan. Unlike a cash withdrawal, a cash advance has to be paid back.

While it’s entirely safe for your customers to make transactions through ticket redemption arcade machines, your patrons will pay some extra fees for the facility in the form of transaction fee and higher interest rate. CASINOMONEY’s ticket redemption kiosk is integrated with advanced security measures that mitigate the risks of mugging.

All You Need To Know About Ticket Redemption Machines

When it comes to buying an ATM solution for your casino, make sure to choose SK-500 redemption kiosk. It not only improves your gaming operations but also provides a significant cash advance facility to your patrons so that they never have to leave the game.

It boasts a bright touch-screen that serves as a center of attraction for people coming to your casino. Besides, its sleek LED illumination captivates the attention of passersby. As mentioned earlier, the ticket redemption machine offers multiple voucher paying functions.

Accompanied by an authorized retail POS debit or credit card cash advance, CASINOMONEY’s ticket redemption kiosk will improve your customer acquisition, turning them into your loyal clients.

The Bottom Line

Having a casino cash box at your casino will provide you with a plethora of benefits that will boost your business performance and productivity. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to buy a dependable yet best-class casino ATM, look no further than CASINOMONEY.

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