Advancing Cash to the Gaming Floor

CASINOMONEY brings gaming to the next level

In the interest of advancing gaming, CASINOMONEY was born to create an experience like no other within the walls of your casino or gaming establishment.

CASINOMONEY, a division of MOBILEMONEY, is your single-source provider of cash advance financial services for the gaming industry. Our proprietary technology, AUTOMONEY Cash Advance, seamlessly integrates all of your financial services into one cage operation. With AUTOMONEY, you can manage your ATMs, cash advance, Title 31 reporting, and check cashing services with a single product that electronically reconciles every customer transaction.

AUTOMONEY Cash Advance:

  • Reduces fraud and increases employee accountability
  • Automates and simplifies cage operations
  • Speeds up transactions
  • Tracks all financial transactions
  • Increases opportunities for marketing and branding
  • Automates Title 31 tracking
  • Improves customer experience
  • Delivers more cash ┬áto the gaming floor

AUTOMONEY Cash Advance improves your game and your bottom line.


CASINOMONEY Inc Places, Installs and Develops ATM Gaming Machines for casinos around the world.