Check Cashing in a Casino ATM

Check Cashing in a Casino ATM

As one of the smartest strategies, many business owners are adding casino cash boxes to their gaming floor. While casino ATM provides you with plenty of benefits, maintaining its security is an ongoing challenge for business owners.

As a casino owner, mitigating criminal acts would be among your top concerns. Although surveillance cameras and electronic locks are the security essentials, it’s highly essential to make cash transactions and electronic check conversions secure.

Why Do You Need To Add Check Cashing?

In this era of bank cards and electronic funds, people rarely carry a lot of cash on hand. Therefore, if locals or people who are on a trip visit your casino and need to cash a check, providing them with a reliable check cashing service will help them. As a result, it will enhance your casino exposure and thus drive more patrons to your gaming floor.

Although ticket redemption kiosk includes check cashing service, yet the type of check it accepts varies; it depends on the model you have installed. However, CASINOMONEY’s slot machine ticket redemption allows customers to convert different types of paper checks into electronic money.


What Do You Need To Know About Check Cashing?

When it comes to electronic check conversion, CASINOMONEY uses Certegy Check Cashing Services to convert your patrons’ paper checks into electronic currency. Not to mention, such conversions save your customers from directly depositing paper checks into their bank accounts.

Certegy is a check risk management company that provides verification, guarantee and risk analytics to thousands of businesses that choose to accept checks as a form of payment for goods or services. Certegy pioneered the check risk management industry in the U.S., and has been providing services to businesses for more than 45 years.

As mentioned earlier, incorporating a ticket redemption machine provides a vast array of benefits to your business from increased customer acquisition to maximized profitability. Moreover, installing an ATM unit that allows check cashing, such as CASINOMONEY’s ticket redemption kiosk, will undoubtedly improve your customers’ experience, turning them into your loyal clients.

Of course, when patrons find incredible services, like check cashing at your slot machine ticket redemption, they are more likely to visit your casino rather than commuting to banks. Moreover, a check cashing service in casino ATMs save customers’ time and efforts.

With dependable ATM risk management service, CASINOMONEY’s ticket redemption arcade machine detect bad checks earlier. Nevertheless, this not only saves you from possible pitfalls but also improves customer experience.

Installing a ticket redemption machine that is integrated with a check cashing feature eliminates the risk of bounced checks. Also, it automates the collection of assets returned with Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF).

Dependable Check Cashing Services

CASINOMONEY provides you with authorized check payment with the most trustworthy database, the National Check Network. As their casino cash machines are integrated with Certegy’s risk management service, it searches the database, uses risk analytics, and requests the check cashing history of the customer.

With trustworthy risk management services, CASINOMONEY provides risk analytics and verification of the customers who use your ATM for check cashing. Not to mention, a secured check cashing system mitigates the risk of accepting checks as a form of payment and helps prevent financial losses.

If you’re wondering how Certegy assists you in mitigating the risks of accepting checks, it uses proprietary risk models to process checks. These models closely evaluate previous transactions that resulted in losses.

Moreover, depending on the details of the check transaction, Certegy may attempt to verify the funds with your customers’ financial institution.

The Bottom Line

While incorporating a ticket redemption machine at your gaming floor is a strategic approach, make sure that you provide your customers with maximum convenience, which can be done by integrating CASINOMONEY’s check cashing ATM.

Although many vendors offer a variety of ATM solutions, CASINOMONEY takes a holistic approach to ATM security and services. They use the best ways to mitigate risk and conduct in-depth risk assessment along with Certegy to ensure a great customer experience.