Cage Management System (CMS) & Slot Management System (SMS)

Cage Management System (CMS) & Slot Management System (SMS)

Since the cage management system is an integral part of casino operations, casinos must adopt secure and efficient cage management system.

Cage management system involves vital casino operations, including accounting, reconciliation, compliance, regulatory reporting, financial audits, credit markers, and managing players ratings. Furthermore, it includes handling marketing functions, patron loyalty and reward programs, player extracts, promotions, and much more. Cage Management Systems (CMS) and Slot Management Systems (SMS) from CASINOMONEY, integrates, assesses, and tackles all the operations of the cage effectively.

The software allows gambling houses to keep a track record of their inventory efficiently. It enables casino owners to record all the transactions, including coins, cash, markers, checks, promotional vouchers, credit card slips, and other vouchers. In addition to this, all the operations from CASINOMONEY’s CMWT that carry inventory value can be performed and reported through THE PORTAL.

Benefits of Using Cage Management System and Slot Management System

Integrating the secure and scalable suite of casino management tools is the most effective way to promote casino business in today’s corporate world. CASINOMONEY’s management system offers impeccable audits, accounting, regulatory and compliance reporting, and high-end features to track players and optimize the gambling floor.

They use analytics software that provides the customers with custom report automation and fast data mining capabilities along with robust monitoring services. CMWT and POSEM of CASINOMONEY allow the casino owners to manage their gambling houses, gaming, and on-floor functions effectively.

Unparalleled Tracking Systems

CASINOMONEY uses tracking software for players, which ensures increased profitability through regular reporting and analytics based on game type, locations, and players. Furthermore, it allows the casino managers to track player gaming history, store their information, and increase patrons’ engagement.

Advanced Redemption System

In recent years, many casinos have adopted modified redemption systems; they have integrated ticket redemption kiosks for enhanced experiences along with smooth player tracking. CASINOMONEY’s ticket redemption machine has software that allows for accurate rewards, personal data security, advanced enrollment, promotions reports, efficient benefits fulfillment, and management tools.

Enhanced Guest Experience

With CASINOMONEY’s ticket redemption kiosks and efficient signage solutions, casino owners can provide the customers with ticketing information, interactive maps, event listings, player credit status, and much more. Furthermore, it allows the casino managers to provide their customers with online booking portals.

Seamless Casino Management System

For increased foot traffic and maximum profits, it is imperative for casino owners to integrate seamless casino management system. Considering that, CASINOMONEY offers CMWT that provide the owners with accurate and efficient transactions for markers, checks, chips, cash, TITO, and other casino vouchers.

The software has eliminated the need for manual processes, which eventually improved the overall functionality of casinos. The custom security software of CASINOMONEY includes centralized platforms that offer complete surveillance of the floor virtually.

Cash Advance Solutions and POS Integrations

In addition to the services, CASINOMONEY provides credit management facility with validation software. Moreover, their Point of Sale (POS) services provides casino owners with a fully integrated barcode scanner, receipt printer, card reader, and seamless solutions for financial reporting, office accounting, and guest management.

What are the Other Benefits?

  • Enhanced customer service
  • Improved accounting
  • Recordkeeping of transactions
  • Improved ROI
  • Track all assets and liabilities
  • Eradicate manual cage processes
  • Players will spend less time in queues

The Bottom Line

The CMWT and POSEM from CASINOMONEY allow the casino owners to integrate effective solutions in their gambling houses, which will make the in-house operations more seamless. Since they keep a record of all the transactions in the form of a report, casino managers can access these records to check transaction history or to break down the inventory levels.

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