How to Redeem a Coinless Slot Voucher

How to Redeem a Coinless Slot Voucher

Ticket redemption kiosk is all the rage in today’s gambling industry. The improved redeeming systems for vouchers such as TITO and QuasiCash have provided the casino owners and players with unique cage solutions. Whether it’s about cashing a voucher or collecting the jackpot, the advent of ticket redemption kiosks has made the gambling experience for players more seamless and hassle-free.

Although the system is convenient, not all gamers are satisfied with its services; this is probably because of the interruption in the machine. Therefore, it is crucial to incorporate a ticket redemption kiosk that is made of high-quality materials and contain sturdy machine parts, such as from CASINOMONEY.

However, one of the drawbacks with this new system is that it’s quite easy to forget to cash the voucher. Some gambling houses’ vouchers expire in 30 days, whereas others in 90 days depending on the casino policies.

Furthermore, some casinos do not entertain vouchers to be redeemed while sent by mail. Nevertheless, casino owners should not overlook the benefits of ticket redemption kiosk, since it has significantly improved the gambling businesses.

Why Should Casino Owners Switch to Ticket Redemption Kiosk?

In the early 2000s, casinos started incorporating the coinless slots. However, the kiosks manufacturers started integrating the features that cater to multi-denomination bills. Not to mention, these coinless slot machines helped the casinos to have reduced labor costs. Installing ticket redemption kiosks allowed the casino owners to run their gambling floors with a minimum number of employees. It eliminated the need to hire employees to redeem slot vouchers, clean out machines, and escort the players to a cage.

Players utilizing vouchers do not have to carry a heavy bucket of coins on the casino floors; forgoing the long wait times in the queue in front of the cage cashier who is counting ’everyone’s coins. Efficiency comes with digitizing. With CASINOMONEY’s ticket redemption kiosks, it has become more comfortable. Players only need to put their coinless slot vouchers into the device to get the winning amounts. While ticket redemption machine does not require members to fill up the hoppers, players do not have to wait for more for redeeming their vouchers.

How the Slot Voucher Works?

When it comes to choosing an impeccable system, both Ticket In Ticket Out (TITO) or QuasiCash works efficiently. However, the only thing matter is the type and quality of the kiosk. In ticket redemption kiosks, players will need to insert the voucher into the bill receptor, instead of putting the coins.
Once they feed the slot voucher in the kiosk, it will register the number of credits. After winning, they will need to hit a payout button to get a voucher with an amount of the winnings printed on it. Then, players can redeem the voucher at either redemption machine or cashier’s cage.

The Drawback of Using Ticket Redemption Kiosk

After the advent of coin-less slots, a large number of players complained that they had to move from one machine to another. They need to take a voucher to the cage cashier to get it converted into money so that they could insert it into the next slot.

Fortunately, CASINOMONEY has dealt with this problem more efficiently. They provide the devices that accept vouchers of other kiosks as payment.

The Bottom Line

While the policy for cashing the slot vouchers varies from one casino to another, you should inform your customer about casino rules. Doing so will allow them to have a great gambling experience at your casino. Not to mention, this will help you attract new players to your casino floor and retain the existing ones. That being said, opting for CASINOMONEY’s ticket redemption kiosk will help you provide your customers with seamless, outstanding cage solutions.

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