Does an ATM Require Maintenance?

Does an ATM Require Maintenance?

No matter what the size of your business is if your customers depend on a functional ATM, you need to provide one. If customers rely on ATM access within your business premises, then neglecting repair and maintenance means that your business will experience substantial loss of revenue.

Despite how we see it, ATMs are not our conventional electronic devices. On the contrary, they are not that easily replaced as regular electronic devices. These high-end machines need to have a long lifespan with minimal downtime to provide the required utility to businesses and their customers.

Why does it Matter?

Without proper maintenance service, an ATM can gradually lose its uptime, leading to numerous issues for business owners to confront and resolve. Apart from dealing with frustrated, unhappy customers, surcharge revenue holders will encounter a loss of surcharge, which can result in a subsequent decline in gross revenue.

Individual retailers will suffer a loss of customers, particularly the ones who visit with the excuse of withdrawing money from a functional ATM. Moreover, large business owners will risk losing their audience in outdoor events, and even ATM service providers will face unsatisfied clients due to low maintenance service from their end.

What needs to be Done?

The underlying maintenance can be accomplished by following these steps:

  • Use basic cleaning supplies; you do not have to spend loads of money to equip yourself with the right tools to clean your ATM. Frequently, a regular lint-free cloth does the job pretty neatly, and you can even reuse the one in your spectacles case. In the absence of formulated solutions and specialized tools, basic clothes can get the job done.
  • Clean the cash dispenser; over time, loads of dust can accumulate inside the ATM cash dispenser. The easiest way to clean the cash dispenser yourself is with a can of compressed air, which has cleaning extensions to blow the dust from the most confined spaces in any machinery.
  • Checking for security; all sorts of fraudulent activities can be done through an ATM. Therefore, it is crucial to check for any unusual attachments, skimming devices, overlays, and drilled holes. If you find anything unusual, make sure to alert the authorities. If not, wipe the card slot with a damp towel.
  • Ensure the functionality of surveillance cameras; it is essential to ensure that the cameras are positioned in the correct direction, with a clean set of lens, and proper functioning.
  • Protection from external elements; for extreme weather conditions, thermal paper and space heaters are maintained to manage optimum temperature for smooth operation. Apart from managing these components, remember to cover your ATM with a tarp or heavy plastic sheet in case of any unexpected storm. As useful as these steps can be, preparing for them beforehand can yield better results when it comes to ATM performance. We all have a habit of reacting to unmaintained electronic cash machines; instead, we should be proactive towards the crucial task of maintaining our ATM(s). Proactively maintaining the ATM can yield many benefits, from happy customers to a continuous stream of surcharge and revenues, etc. Regardless of whether you are an individual running a retail store, or someone who has to look after numerous divisions of your business, repair, and maintenance of your ATM(s) can be an additional task to take care of, in between many others to look after.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you get expert assistance in this regard. ATM service providers, such as Mobile Money, not only ensure timely placement of your ATM(s), but they even provide after-sales service like repairing and maintaining ATM(s) for optimum performance.

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