Genmega C6000: The First Class ATM Machine for Retailers

Genmega C6000: The First Class ATM Machine for Retailers

All the business owners out there that are looking to benefit from the latest and most profitable strategy to propel their business in the future, brace up! Genmega C6000 ATM machine is here to increase your revenues. Whether you’re running a grocery store or any other retail shop, incorporating ATM solutions, specifically the Genmega C6000 ATM machine, into your business will bring tons of people to your place while ensuring higher sales and profits.

If you build it, they will come. This is particularly true because today people expect convenient, faster, and impeccable shopping experiences.

What Benefits Genmega C6000 provides for your Business
Equipped with comprehensive features for cash solutions. MOBILEMONEY’s Genmega C6000 efficiently facilitates cash withdrawals, without any inconvenience. Furthermore, this incredible Auto Teller Machine not only improves your customers’ shopping experience but also helps retain them.

As a new state-of-art addition to retail businesses, Genmega C6000 ATM kiosk provides impeccable services that can transform your retail store into an ATM-driven revenue generator.

While ensuring to maximize your profitability, this amazing cash machine provides a timely and convenient experience to your customers. Boasting high-end features, the Genmega C6000 includes a 15-inch LCD with a function key or touch-screen options. Its sleek and innovative design combined with beautiful hardware options provides maximum flexibility to users.

With its highly illuminated and bright topper, your customers will find it easy to read the intuitive instructions and execute their transactions.
Including optional video topper and customizable graphics insert, MOBILEMONEY’s Genmega C6000 ATM kiosk will offer outstanding functions to your customers. With its subtle interface displayed on high-resolution screen lightened with LED back-light, Genmega C6000 makes it easy for your customers to withdraw cash.

With ideal dimensions, the Genmega C6000 kiosk has a height of 56 inches with a width of 18.1 inches and depth of 24.1 inches, which makes it convenient for users. Additionally, Genmega C6000 ATM device has a weight of 325 lbs; therefore, it can be placed at any position in your store, assuring that it will stand robustly.

Nevertheless, this contemporary ATM device also features voice guidance so that people who have difficulty understanding and operating the ATM can follow the verbal instructions, making it one of the best user-friendly ATM devices on the market.

Besides, Genmega C6000 not only increases your sales and customers but also allows you to earn extra profit with any surcharge amount for using the service.

In addition, Genmega features an alphanumeric keypad that includes 16 keys that make it easier for users to use the pin entry device. Furthermore, MOBILEMONEY’S Genmega C6000 has the keypad that is certified with PCI V3 .X.

In addition, it includes triple-DES that complies with EPP. As an eye-catching and attractive addition to your retail store, Genmega C6000 is the best way to lure a significant number of people to your store.
With a captivating design, Genmega C6000 will make your business stands out from your competitors, no matter which type of business you are running.

Along with a cash dispenser that boasts up to 4 x 2000 notes removable cassette, Genmega C6000 will not create any inconvenience, no matter how much cash your customers withdraw through this amazing ATM device. Not to mention, Genmega C600 ATM device has an electronic lock that will prevent any incident of theft.

Genmega C6000: The First Class ATM Machine for Retailers

Now that you’ve come across the best ATM machine for your retail business remember that Genmega C6000 is designed with the most advanced and latest features to provide customers and your business unparalleled ATM solutions, making your retail store the one-stop shop for people looking for a dependable and portable cash device to withdraw money.

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