Glory SK-500 - Ticket Redemption Kiosk

Glory SK-500 - Ticket Redemption Kiosk

As one of the top choices for many business owners, the SK-500 redemption kiosk is a perfect ATM solution for you. Designed explicitly for Casinos, this Mobile ATM can improve your business operations by offering outstanding facility for patrons. While preventing your customers from leaving the place when they run out of cash, CASINOMONEY’s Glory SK-500 can provide instant cash service.

Along with providing a one-stop service to your customers, the ATM machine offers redemption and bill breaking services. Besides, this excellent portable cash machine improves your business productivity by providing impeccable automated cash services. Let’s explore the amazing features that this incredible Glory SK ATM machine offers:

What Benefits Glory-SK 500 Provides To Casino Patrons?

Unlike other ATM kiosks, Glory-SK 500 features illumination and appears prominent from a distance as the multi-color LED lights in the kiosk are enough to captivate the attention of people around. As an entrancing addition to your casino décor, Glory-SK 500 mobile ATM boasts a number of incredible features, among which is its sleek yet robust design.

Moreover, the machine allows users to read intuitive operating instructions easily as these guidelines will display on the bright and large 17-inch touch screen. Besides that, you will find the banknote hopper section fixed at an ideal height, and the flickering illuminations provide you with extreme convenience, making it easy for you to view insertion points. With its high compatibility and user-friendly interface, your casino patrons will never experience any hassle while using the Glory-SK 500 ATM redemption machine.

Featuring multiple-voucher pay off option, you can process ten vouchers at a time from this awesome ATM machine. As compared to other ATM machines, this advanced portable cash machine lets your customers make transactions without any difficulty while ensuring a continuous flow of customers. Nevertheless, it offers all those fantastic bells and whistles that will make your casino customers appreciate its advanced features.

With its incredible functionality of dual bill validation, the Glory-SK 500 will provide your customers with the increased capacity of accepting voucher deposits and bills. As a result, this mind-blowing feature will decrease the number of ‘drop and fill’ operations. In addition, CASINOMONEY’s casino machine holds the largest capacity as compared to other ATM machine kiosks. It includes five cassettes and 3000 bills that reduce the need to refill the cassettes, especially when your casino is fully crowded.

Furthermore, CASINOMONEY designed Glory-SK 500 as an incredible and advanced ATM solution that will help customers process the drop and fill operations instantly and conveniently. Also, you won’t need to struggle a lot for its maintenance. SK-500 functions are extremely easy to operate as it boasts an interactive screen combined with intuitive illustrations to guide you properly.
Aside from that, the SK-500 casino machine can function well even during system interruptions, particularly a local database stores all the transactions made through the casino redemption kiosk. Designed ergonomically, the Glory-SK 500 ATM machine is compliant with ADA-2010 standards, ensuring the machine meets all the accessibility standards.

Also, the Glory-SK 500 cash machine has several web applications installed that prevent unauthorized access and malware or virus to the transactions data. Designed incorporating advanced techniques; you will get all the information to your pre-set email address automatically.

Glory-SK 500: The Unrivaled Casino ATM Solution

From bill breaking facilities to outstanding ATM services, CASINOMONEY’s Glory-SK 500 offers one-stop solutions that not only propel your business into the future but also make you stand out among your competitors. Nevertheless, not all the advanced yet amazing features that the Glory-SK 500 Casino Ticket Redemption Machine offers can be trivialized, especially when you’re striving to take your business to the next level.

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