MOBILETRANSIT: All You Need to Know

The practice of installing an ATM at retail stores, hotel lobbies, hospitals, casinos, and other business locations is increasing in popularity. Therefore, if you have decided to buy an ATM or already have one, you need to be aware of certain things to avoid any pitfalls.

In other words, you need to develop a thorough understanding of ATM business before buying the latest cash machine. The information could be related to operating an ATM or services the providers offer. However, we are going to discuss the rumored truck service. However, before that, let’s explore why you need one.

Armored Truck Service: Why you Need it?

While ATM carries a bulk of cash, there are security risks attached to the portable cash machine. Nevertheless, new technological methods and advanced software have made it possible for ATM operators to have 24/7 surveillance for their cash machines.

Well, this might seem extremely simple now, as you would think that operating an ATM is quite an easy process. Also, it has fewer risks when integrated with high-tech security software and is continuously monitored. But, you need to know that there are many other risks involved in an ATM business, which need to be considered beforehand.

One of them is cash deliveries. Of course, your ATM dispenser can only hold a limited amount of cash. When your ATM runs out of cash, you will need to load it again with money. Then, you will probably use a cash delivery service to load your ATM.

Here, it’s essential to keep in mind that the vehicle carrying the cash can be robbed easily, if not adequately secured. As a result, you will have to pay a significant amount for the losses. Therefore, it’s exceptionally crucial for you to hire an armored truck service that has robust security.

If you are looking for one, MOBILEMONEY’s MOBILETRANSIT provides reliable and secure cash transport to their customers with a surety of safe delivery.

How are Cash Deliveries Secured in Armored Trucks?

Well, an armored truck is integrated with the latest security features. Not to mention, the armed employees have years of experience working in the firearm and security departments. They draft a plan for armored vehicles and provide you with the secure and safe delivery of cash to your ATM location.
Armored truck guards have the skills to tackle firearms. Although it depends on the city laws, these guards usually carry defensive weapons. So, if any unfavorable or dangerous situation arises, they can tackle that situation in the most effective manner.

When it comes to MOBILEMONEY, their highly skilled staff continually strives to provide accurate account reconciliation, cash journaling, balancing, and forecasting. Don’t forget that choosing reliable service providers must be your priority for cash deliveries.

MOBILETRANSIT consists of trained armored team members that transport 30 to 40 million dollars every day, with pinpoint accuracy.

When it comes to the benefits of using an armored truck service for cash delivery, remember that the matter of security is what happens at the top. The armored trucks offer reliable protection to valuables, including cash, which is being transported.

No matter the size of business you deal in, using an armored vehicle can benefit you in multiple ways. Alongside protection, you will not have to send your employees to ensure safe cash delivery to the ATM location.
The Bottom Line

You will agree that handling cash, especially when there is a large amount involved, is never free from risks. Considering that, MOBILEMONEY offers unparalleled cash management and cash delivery services for their ATM operators to help business owners achieve their goals effectively.

MOBILETRANSIT, the armored car division of MOBILEMONEY, provides secure and reliable cash transport without the use of a third party vendor.

Our armed employees, with backgrounds in security and firearm training, ensure the secure and safe transportation of cash to each ATM location.

Every day of the week, our cash management team provides accurate cash forecasting, balancing, journaling, and account reconciliation. Each and every week, our armored teams transport 30 to 40 million dollars in cash, which is delivered and reconciled with pin-point accuracy.

MOBILETRANSIT deploys armored vehicles in a nationwide fleet that securely transport cash to ATMs throughout the United States.  This complex cash-in-transit operation provides cash forecasting and reconciliation systems that accurately manage all aspects of the cash handling process. By incorporating cash management and delivery into our service channel, MOBILEMONEY can respond to an ATM that runs out of money – immediately.  Within 24 hours, cash will be replenished and ATM convenience will be restored, with minimal disruption to your business.

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