OIGA 2019: A Great Opportunity to Expand your Casino Business

OIGA 2019: A Great Opportunity to Expand your Casino Business

If you are in the gaming business and own a casino, then brace up yourself for the most awaited conference and trade show- OIGA 2019. Well, the primary purpose of such events is to promote the general welfare of the casino businesses through developing sound policies related to gaming practices.

Not to mention, these shows educate the local and federal governments and the gamers or casino players on issues and gambling policies. Also known as, ‘the biggest show in Indian Gaming,’ the 2019 OIGA Conference and Trade Show is going to be held from July 22-24 in Tulsa this year.

Drawing more than 3,000 visitors, vendors, and prominent personalities as guest speakers from the industry to Tulsa, the event will not only include a plethora of recreational activities and dissemination of related information but also bring effective strategies that would help advance your casino business and thus the whole industry.

This is especially true if it is the first time you will be attending the OIGA Trade Show. Believe it or not, you will find it the most enjoyable yet beneficial event of the year. Lots of fun accompanied with informative sections and meeting with other business owners, OIGA will bring several opportunities for your business.

As an amazing conference and a fantastic trade show, it will include a golf tournament that will benefit the winners with John Marley Scholarships. Moreover, the event will also include a poker tournament that will take place on Monday, 22nd July.

Tuesday will be dedicated to awards luncheon, after which their trade show floor will be open officially. The next day will be all about amazing yet spectacular sessions at the trade show.

When it comes to OIGA 2019 Trade Show, it will be filled with businesses and vendors of every related field; from equipment to foodservice suppliers and gaming machines to professional hospitality services and ticker redemption kiosks providers.

The most fantastic thing about the show is that you will find CASINOMONEY; one of the most trustworthy and reliable businesses that provide cage solutions and advanced ticket redemption kiosks. While running a casino, you will agree that as the number of gaming floors has increased in the state, it has become challenging to stay competitive in the market.

Of course, the casino industry is growing at a fast pace; therefore, to stand out in the market, you need to adopt smart strategies that can help you survive in the industry. That being said, attending such conferences and trade shows, like OIGA 2019, brings a remarkable opportunity for you to make your business stand out.

Besides business owners, visitors, and prominent personalities from the industry, CASINOMONEY is coming to the show along with plenty of opportunities for you. With their highly skilled team, experienced professionals, and best-in-class ticket redemption kiosk, you will be able to come up with smart strategies for your business.

Not to mention, their team of experts will provide you an opportunity to experience their solutions at the event. It will help you evaluate the quality of services they offer and an idea of how CASINOMONEY’s high-quality services can help you expand your casino business. It will further help you in making the best decision.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for an excellent opportunity to expand your business and enhance your brand image, none is better than deploying the most advanced cage solutions in your casino.

So, if you have decided to opt for the latest cage solutions or ticket redemption kiosk integration, don’t miss the chance to attend the 2019 OIGA Conference and Trade Show, where you will have an opportunity to witness CASINOMONEY’s incredible cage solutions.

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