Permanent ATM Placement

Permanent ATM Placement

While the idea of installing an ATM machine in your business premises is becoming increasingly popular, you might be pondering over whether you should incorporate one or not. To help you understand better, we are answering the most common questions that probably pop into your mind as you think about installing an ATM machine at your business location.

What do you need to know Before Installing an ATM?

Whether you run a restaurant, a hotel, gardening store, or a coffee shop, the first question that comes to your mind while deciding to rent or buy an ATM is whether it would be feasible or not. Specifically, you might be thinking of whether installing an ATM unit in your business premises can be profitable or beneficial. There are a few things you need to know before making this decision.

To place a portable cash machine, you will need first to choose a suitable location for its placement. Furthermore, in case you’re a renter and have a store on the lease, be sure to ask the property owner before making any changes. This is especially true if informing or asking the shop owner is a condition in your property agreement. However, if you own the store, you will be required first to determine the placement location.

How do you buy an ATM?

When you shop for an ATM machine, you will need to choose one from a wide range of portable cash machines available on the market. However, if you get one from MOBILEMONEY, the experts will guide you in choosing the one that best fits your business and location.

After you have selected the ATM device, you will need to sign a contract with an Independent ATM Deplorers (IAD), independent sales organizations (ISO), or Encrypting Service Organizations (ESO). Besides that, you can also purchase insurance to cover the machine and the cash loaded inside.
Should you Lease or Buy an ATM Device?

One of the great ways to boost your business is to place an ATM unit at your location. Not to mention, having a portable cash machine installed in the store will drive 3%-5% more traffic to your business location.
So, when it comes to deciding for whether you should lease or buy this profit-generating machine, in most cases purchasing a dependable ATM, such as from MOBILEMONEY, is the smartest option.

Remember that permanent ATM placement will ensure that you make more profit in the long run. Besides, it will free you from paying monthly rent. Nevertheless, monthly rents can be troublesome sometimes, especially when your business is going through tough times.

We sell retail ATMs and provide full-service ATM programs that include new hardware, bank branding, processing, cash deliveries, local technicians and 24/7 customer service to your patrons. You earn 100% of surcharge fee with no monthly fees or hidden cost.

What is Included with each ATM Purchase?

When you buy a portable cash device from trustworthy providers, like MOBILEMONEY, the chances are that you will enjoy low shipping and installation fee. Not to mention, all the technicians at MOBILEMONEY are experienced and passionate; they ensure on-time deliveries and hassle-free installations. Some ATM companies also provide other amenities, including illuminated neon signs, online web reporting, receipt paper bundles, lighted toppers, and no processing fee.

How will you benefit from Purchasing an ATM?

Another benefit of permanent ATM placement is that you will earn 100% surcharge on monthly transactions, and you will not have to pay extra costs or fees, mainly if you buy it from MOBILEMONEY. Besides that, you will receive all the tools to operate your ATM machine at a low price. Keep in mind that integrating an ATM in your business won’t break the bank, especially if you purchase a state-of-the-art ATM device from MOBILEMONEY.

When making the decision, keep in mind that your ATM device is not just a transaction processor, but it will also increase your profit in the long run.

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