POSEM - Point Of Sale Event Money - A POS System by MOBILEMONEY

POSEM - Point Of Sale Event Money - A POS System by MOBILEMONEY

What does the POSEM Acronym Stand for?

The POSEM is a MOBILEMONEY Point Of Sale Event Money system which allows transactions in multiple formats as well as delivery of printed, SMS & Emailed receipts of those transactions through an EMV card input. Transfer Payment from the casino cage to the ATM or Ticket Redemption Kiosk located elsewhere in the casino.  

Point of Sale EVENTMONEY

Other features include:

  • Check Cashing
  • Cash Advance
  • SMS & Email Receipts
  • Chip Card Transactions (EMV)
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Approve Cash Advance for Pick up On casino or card room ATM or TITO (Ticket Redemption Kiosk)
  • And so much more!

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

If you have a casino or card room, this means you can take that gigantic system you have out of your Cash Box and just rely on these small, graceful, and powerful tools to deliver the best in responsive delivery of cash advance, check cashing and identification making the process of delivering cash to your clients so much easier and more efficient.

For business owners, this POS system is quick, secure, and takes up much less space than those other machines you are used to. No longer do you have to worry about EMV cards, or check cashing, or even loyalty cards.

Events can use the software and security EVENTMONEY is known for, delivering your show a clean and proficient system to take payment and release merchandise.

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POSEM - Point of Sale Event Money | by MOBILEMONEY

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