Put Your ATM on the Map

Put Your ATM on the Map

Put Your ATM On the Map - MOBILEMONEY

How Do I Get My Map Placement?

MOBILEMONEY is now seeking out new and interesting ways to promote our clients on the web. One of such methods is to fill out the following form and put the ATM Machine on Google Maps. We are working out ways to network with other Map Apps as well, but right now we are excited to see growth and traction with Google Map ATM Locations.

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If you are a current customer - Here's the Link. Fill out the form completely. We will get back to you when your ATM is up on Google Maps. If you are looking to become a client, the first place you should look is on our MOBILEMONEY E-Commerce Shop. You can also fill out this form and one of our helpful representatives will help guide you through the process and answer all your questions.

Who is Searching

Virtually everyone these days is using a smartphone to make inquiries about this or that - especially when it comes to information or products. People will search for food, for gas stations, for clothing stores, hobby shops, everything! If your business is placed within the online maps ... you are an option for them. What's more, is these smartphone users are using GPS to find what products and or services are close to them - physically close.

  • Your ATM could be the closest ATM, but if you are not listed in Google Maps, you are not an option for these searches on Apple & Android phones.
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Why Would You Want Your RETAIL ATM MACHINE on Google Maps?

Quite simply, you want people to be able to find your place of business, and in this case, your ATM Machine from this phone shaped super computer everyone has in their pockets - or if they are more active users - they are already typing on the screen as we speak. Yes, cell phones. Whether you are an avid iPhone user, Google Pixel, or Android devotee, it doesn't matter.

All modern cell phones will have a map system which can give you the longitude and latitude. You can use any modern smartphone to place a search, and to figure out answers to the questions in the form - which will help  you get your ATM on the map. Which Map? Google Maps. This can be accessed via a cell phone within Google Maps App, or from a computer.  

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What Am I - A Cartographer?

How does this work - when you fill out our form? What is going to happen is we are going to need the coordinates of your cash machine. You'll answer some other questions about the account but the most important is grabbing the longitude and latitude. You can do this by placing a pin right where you confirm that the ATM Machine stands. This will most likely be within a building, so the longitude and latitude will help out greatly.

Let's Recap!

  1. You want to have Your ATM show up within Google Maps
  2. People will search for ATM Near Me
  3. If your Machine is on Google Maps, These Smart Phone Users Can be directed to YOUR MACHINE
  4. This brings more business to your ATM, which in turn gives you more money

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