The 5 Most Common ATM Issues Needing Repair

The 5 Most Common ATM Issues Needing Repair

In the past few years, many businesses have started to deploy ATMs at their shops and stores. While providing your customers with ATM solutions is a great way to retain them, an out of order ATM device can drastically drive away, even your loyal customers.

Not to mention, the technological advancements have brought extreme convenience for customers. Therefore, they look for impeccable services and solutions. When customers who need to make transaction find your ATM as out of order, they are more likely to commute to another retail store for ATM.

Therefore, it is crucial for you to ensure robust maintenance and regular servicing of your installed ATM to avoid losing customers. In that case, you need to opt for the reliable ATM Company, such as MOBILEMONEY, which offers high-quality maintenance service with the help of their highly skilled team.

Furthermore, since ATM is a machine, it is more vulnerable to wear and tear. Considering that, here are the five most common issues that you should keep an eye for so that you will be able to repair your ATM right away and ensure customers an impeccable, durable, and fast ATM service.

  1. Broken Keypad
    Since many ATMs in the U.S. still boast a keypad to enter a PIN, these keypads can break over the years and make your ATM unusable. Whether your keypad button becomes stuck or does not respond due to another issue, customers will find it quite inconvenient and are more likely to leave your store right away.
  2. Worn Out Card Reader
    When your machine endures heavy use, its card reader can wear out over time. Not to mention, every credit or debit card contains a magnetic strip swiped to verify the details of the cardholder. With a worn out card reader, your machine will fail to verify the card user’s account information. In that case, MOBILEMONEY’s technical professionals can examine your card reader and fix it right away while leveraging their expertise.
  3. Faulty Dispenser
    Rarely, but the extremely frustrating problem that can come up with your ATM is a faulty cash dispenser. To help you understand better, let us take an example. Assume that a customer inserts his credit or debit card into your ATM and enter the PIN code. After selecting the option for cash withdrawal and cash amount, your machine fails to process the transaction and dispense the case.
    Even worst, it dispenses the wrong amount of cash, and your customer account has debited to the full amount he entered. Rectify these issues immediately, or else it will create a great hassle not only for your customer but also for you and the issuing bank. To fix a faulty dispenser, you will need to call out a service repair expert; approach MOBILEMONEY as they have a highly trained team of technicians.
  4. Receipt Malfunctions
    ATMs provide customers with a paper receipt for the transaction they made. Nevertheless, this receipt helps customers identify the location, amount, and time when there is an issue with your ATM. However, some ATMs run out of paper receipt or become faulty and do not dispense paper receipts. No matter the reason, receipt malfunctioning should be handle rightly with the help of ATM repair professional.
  5. Software Glitches
    Over a couple of years, technological advancements have paved ways for ATM manufacturers to build cash machines integrated with high-tech software and features. Today, many ATM devices rely on software to function. However, any software glitch can make your device out of order. Therefore, make sure to update your ATM software regularly. If a malfunction occurs, reach out to a service repair professional to scan your machine for viruses and install updated software to prevent glitches.

The Bottom Line

While we explained some of the common issues and fixes here, it is an excellent option for you to upgrade your ATM to prevent such technical problems. Also, using proactive maintenance service of MOBILEMONEY is the best way to keep your ATM working efficiently.

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