The Benefits and Options with Custom ATM Machines

The Benefits and Options with Custom ATM Machines

Many people who want to have an ATM at their retail space or who want to operate ATMs as a business are not aware  that there is the option of different types of customization with the  machines. Custom ATM machines can provide many benefits and upgrades  that can help to make the machine safer and to help it stand out from  other options.

What Types of Customization Are Available?

Different companies may have different types of customization features  that are available for the ATM machines they provide. It’s important to  look at the options that are available through the company to make sure  that they will meet your needs. One of the options that you might want  to consider is upgrading the vault. This can provide the machine with an added level of security, which will make it much more difficult for thieves to access. Lock upgrades are available for machines, as well. The more protection you have on the system, the better.

You might also want to have a  camera installed in the machine, which can provide even more security.  The camera will be able to capture suspicious activity and could help in  the event someone is robbed. The security camera can also help to find  and prevent skimming at your business. Also, with a quality IP-based camera, you will be able to store the footage to a server or a hard drive.

Another  option for customization is to upgrade the bill presenter. This will  dispense the bills in a bundle, which is different from the way that  most ATMs  operate. Most will only distribute the bills one at a time. It is more  convenient and could be a good option for you to consider.

Changing the look of the ATM is possible, as well, through some companies. Some people might want to have their ATM wrapped  so that it will better match the look and the feel of their  establishment. Whether it is a restaurant or a store, a custom ATM  machine with the right wrap and style could be a great solution. Also,  it is also possible to use branding as a way to cross-promote  and sell other products and services. It is also possible to personally  brand the machine with your company's logo, for example.

There are several different options available when it comes to customizing the look of your ATM. There are full custom wraps  that can be used. These will keep the face of the ATM the same stock  color that it was when it arrived. There are also options from some  companies to paint the face and to use a wrap. Also, it is possible to  use custom decals rather than having an entire wrap. This tends to be a simpler and faster option, but it is still possible to do a lot of branding just with decals.

Those  who are considering using a wrap for their machine will want to make  sure that they choose the correct size. They will also want to make sure that it is installed properly, so it looks great.

Some  other options for customization include custom display ads on the ATM,  which could be branded, and custom receipt paper. There are many options  to make the ATM unique and have it fit in perfectly with the location.

Will You Be Able to Get a Custom ATM Machine?

Many  companies that offer ATMs will be able to provide different types of  custom ATM machines, but that is not always the case. You will want to  make sure that you speak with the company to get a better idea of whether they offer custom options and what type of customization is available on them.

Of  course, having a custom ATM machine is not the only thing to consider  when choosing ATM machines. It is also important to make sure that the company through which you are getting the machine has a good  reputation and can provide you with high-quality machines that are easy  to use and that will last. It is important to consider the level of  customer service that is available with the company,  as well. Choosing a company that has repair service, around the clock  phone support, and even one that can take care of putting cash into the  machine is essential. It makes having the machine on your property much  easier.

One of the other things to consider  when choosing a company to work with is the percentage of the surcharge  you can keep. When customers use the ATM, they will pay a surcharge,  which is typically from $3 to $5. You want to choose a company that  allows you to keep 100% of the surcharge, ensuring that you can make a profit on the machine.

Take the time to find a great company that can offer custom ATM machines that are going to suit your needs.

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