The Benefits of MOBILE ATM at Your Event

The Benefits of MOBILE ATM at Your Event

How to Make the Next Event An Experience To Remember!

There is a multitude of benefits to having an ATM in any sort of event. Whether it is a concert, sporting event, party, or a food festival, ATMs allow people to spend to their heart’s content without having to worry about monetary restrictions. But having an ATM machine at an event is more than just making customers or attendees spend more. It is about letting them enjoy the event without worries of money that they have. For event organizers who still think that having an ATM at an event is still not worth the investment, they should explore a few benefits of getting an ATM machine for an event.

Benefits of having an ATM

Cash carries a lot of advantages over credit, all of which can make an event more successful. ATM machines are very much a necessity in the current age and can prove to influence how people react to an event significantly. But other than that, here are a few other benefits to having ATMs at an event.

Attendees Spend More

Starting off with the most obvious: ATM machines make customers spend more at an event. Research and various studies have shown that almost 80% of people who use an ATM at an event, end up using that money. And if an event is happening for the first time, people will definitely need an ATM because they don’t know what to expect.

Attendees Stay at the Event

The most important thing for any event is to engage its audience. Even better - keeping your clients committed to the point where they refuse to leave the event site for anything except sheer exhaustion. Events run in a rhythm, and once that rhythm breaks for any reason, it rarely ever comes back. Studies have also shown that people who leave an event to get money don’t often return.

Smaller Vendors Benefit from ATMs

Smaller Vendors are frequently the lifeblood of food festivals, but they do not accept anything other than cash. And if the customer wants to eat from them and doesn’t have an ATM nearby, they will get very frustrated. Event organizers and companies have to ensure that their attendees stay calm and enjoy themselves by providing ATM machines for them to get their hands on cash instantly. Although it may seem a strange thing to complain about, a good event can very sour very quickly if the customer doesn’t have access to much-needed facilities.

More Comfortable Spending Cash

People are much more comfortable spending cash than credit while buying something. Not only are they more comfortable because of instant transactions, but also due to the lack of future payments. With the cash, they can pay instantly and move on with their day, rather than worrying about the future payments that they will have to make.

ATM machines are often free

If there any fees associated with having an ATM at an event, banks are always there to cover them. Banks often sponsor these ATM free because it gives them exposure to a broad audience. This makes it all the more favorable to all parties involved, especially the organizers.


ATMs are a must-have in any event regardless of what kind of event it is. Whether it is an exhibition, a concert, or a food festival, ATM machines can make the experience all the more immersive and engaging. So if event managers are looking to make their event more special, they can look to rent ATM machines for their events from MOBILEMONEY.

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