The Best ATM Machines to Buy

The Best ATM Machines to Buy

Which ATM is Right for You and Your Business?

When it comes to buying an automated teller machine or buying an ATM device, companies struggle a lot to make the right decision. However, it is worth remembering that every ATM offers special features for the specific business. For instance, Glory-SK 500 makes it a perfect option for casino owners, whereas Force 2800 SE ATM is specifically for retail stores. Depending on the nature of the product/service the company deals in, business owners should choose a cash machine accordingly. Here are some top-rated and high-quality ATM machines.

Genmega 2500

On the top of the list comes Genmega 2500, an automated teller machine specially designed for indoor placement. Loaded with plenty of features, the Genmega 2500 ATM provides additional configuration options. Featuring a high-resolution widescreen of 8-inches, the manufacturer allows the user to upgrade the LCD to the touchscreen version. The sleek and compact design of the standalone kiosk is enough to capture the attention of passersby. Manufactured for off-premise locations and retail stores, Genmega 2500 is an incredible ATM that provides a plethora of benefits through its advanced features.

Glory SK-100

Wrapped in sleek and captivating aesthetics, the Glory SK-100 boasts multiple ticket payout function at a time. Glory SK-100 is one of the topnotch ATM devices that allow customers to conduct financial transactions in the fastest way while offering a 30% higher speed than its previous model. Besides that, this device can process ten tickets at a time. Glory SK-100 ensures to minimize the payoff waiting time. Considering its features, this ATM unit is perfect for the locations that see substantial foot traffic, like casinos and grocery stores.

Genmega C6000

The business owners who want an advanced ATM device that generates passive income, Genmega C600 ATM, is the best option for them. Packed with essential features, the Genmega C600 ATM can skyrocket their revenues by providing the customers with quality services. The manufacturers design this machine for shopping centers and retail stores, as it ensures to bring a stream of customers to its place. Offering faster, flawless, and incredible experience, Genmega C600 ATM makes an excellent choice for emerging businesses that want to build a broad base of customers.

Genmega C6000

Genmega Onyx

Integrated with the advanced features, the Genmega Onyx ATM device helps increase business productivity. Boasting advanced options, this self-service kiosk offers smart solutions. The manufacturer integrated the latest technology and high-level security options in the device. Having a robust cabinet and durable exterior, the Genmega Onyx ATM is one of the most durable ATMs available in the market. Due to this, a business owner can place this automated teller machine at any place. Considering that, the Genmega Onyx ATM is perfect for gas stations, clubs, or hotels.

Genmega Onyx

Force 2800SE

Small businesses that do not have much amount to invest in expensive ATM solutions can buy Force 2800SE ATM kiosks. Packed with unique features, this ATM device comes at competitive market prices and yet offers a variety of bells-and-whistles, which can be enough for small businesses to thrive. The 12.1 –inch display with high resolution colored touchscreen TFT LCD, force 2800SE, provides the customers with easy-to-operate functions.

The Main Takeaway

The innovative technologies have led the financial industry to introduce competent, instant, and fast services to customers. In the meantime, many companies are incorporating cash advance facilities into their businesses to provide customers with great ease and convenience.

Business owners that were looking for the best ATM would have found this article helpful. Note that all the ATMs mentioned in the post are new models and have EMV as a standard feature. Last but not least, merchants who are seeking reliable and dependable ATM providers should find MOBILEMONEY.

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