CASINOMONEY CM-2020: Our New Ticket Redemption Kiosk

CASINOMONEY CM-2020: Our New Ticket Redemption Kiosk

While many technological advancements have recently been made in the cash industry, ticket redemption self-service kiosk has proved an amazing innovation. It not only provides patrons an outstanding experience but also allows them to make quick cash withdrawals. Besides hospitals, retail shops, and hotel lobbies, self-service kiosks play a vital role in cutting efforts and saving the time of your patrons.

Not to mention, the increase in the number of casino cash boxes is due to the amazing functions it provides. Every gamer wants to play the game without any problem; however, when your customers run out of cash, they are more likely to leave the place.

However, if you have ticket redemption kiosk installed in your casinos, your patrons will not need to commute to banks for cash withdrawal neither will they need to wait in long queues. While self-service kiosks started as pay and display machines, today they provide much more than that.

Nevertheless, the cutting-edge ticket redemption kiosks are integrated with advanced software that includes multiple functions. Moreover, it provides your customers with a more sophisticated and flexible level of customer service, making their gaming experience amazing.

The Benefits of Ticket Redemption Self-Service Kiosks

While the casino cash box uses automated technology, it makes interacting with a machine much easier for customers. Keep in mind that installing the latest models of ticket redemption kiosk, such as The CM-2020, will provide your customers with a better experience. Since these machines will handle all the transaction processes, you can focus more on the core of your business.

Other than this, the automated ticket redemption machine makes things easier, reducing stress and delay. In casinos, as we said earlier, patrons look for convenience while gaming; if they don’t find cash access solution at your floor, they are far likely to leave the place and prefer going into the casino that provides amazing cash access facilities.


The ticket redemption kiosks are connected through secure networked software; which allows the establishment to keep a record of transactions made. Also, keep in mind that such kiosks cut cost and time, as it will handle several transactional processes.

Integrated with the latest security software, they offer secure transaction options. In other words, monitoring your ATM network, verifying your patron’s details, and an ability to determine an unusual activity on the system will alert you immediately. Moreover, the complex software makes it more multifunctional.

The good news is CASINOMONEY has recently added the latest technology redemption technology into their casino cash box. Combined with EMV certification, fast transaction processing, bill breaking, precise payouts, and other transaction services, the CM-2020 provides you with plenty of services within a single kiosk on the gaming floor.

On top of that, the CM-2020 ticket redemption is a customizable kiosk, integrated with modern technology, AWS cloud hosting, Linux operating system, and advanced financial service hardware. Not to mention, this ticket redemption kiosk is not only a versatile option but also offers greater flexibility with plenty of jaw-dropping features.

This incredible casino machine comes with a simple customer interface, making it quite easy for patrons to make cash transactions without any hassle.

Moreover, the large touch screen, multi-language capabilities, large banknote capacity, loyalty card management, currency exchange conversions, and reliable coin hoppers, are some of the features that have made it an ideal casino cash machine to install this year.

The Bottom Line

While you may already have other types of ATMs installed at your casino floor, you can’t overlook its amazing features, especially when you’re already convinced about having an ATM in your gambling house.

Now you know the excellent features this ATM unit, specifically The CM-2020, can provide to your business, so make the right decision.

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