The Future of Fintech & AI

The Future of Fintech & AI

It is worth noticing that artificial intelligence has paved its way into different industries, such as construction businesses and healthcare sectors. However, when it comes to financial institutions, the banks and credit union have not adopted AI entirely yet.

Dated back to its introduction, the early forms of artificial intelligence debuted as automated check processing in the early years of the 1950s. Not to forget, the first automated teller machine was installed in the 1960s.  Since then, many things have changed, with AI evolving radically, specifically in the past ten years.

Today, tech-savvy consumers demand more digital experience for banking solutions. Of course, people are more accustomed to interacting with AI-based virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri today.

Therefore, they expect the same experience when it comes to interacting with banks and credit unions. Nonetheless, banks have realized that artificial intelligence is significantly transforming the future of financial technologies and fintech businesses.

While AI is revolutionizing the future of Fintech, it has become essential for banks and other financial institutions to revamp their business strategy and implement a practical approach.

The advancements in technology, such as machine-learning algorithms, cloud computing, and advances in software have given the finance sector new opportunities to thrive their businesses while reducing operating costs, improve productivity, and fight against the cybercrime.

Deploying Advanced Pattern Detection for Threat Detection

In the United States, many credit card firms have used artificial intelligence for many years to fight against fraud. Utilizing AI technology helped them monitor flagging irregularities and accounts’ activity patterns. However, the advancements in AI have led other businesses to integrate the technology, taking their security system to a new level.

A data science company, Feedzai, backed by the CitiBank’s investment and acquisitions unit ‘Citi Ventures,’ has developed the advanced machine-learning technology that helps banks detect and prevent fraud.

Nevertheless, the technology has become more improved since it assesses and processes big complex data for quick detection of new types of fraud.
At the same time, FICO has deployed an effective technology in its Falcon Fraud Manager product. It includes predictive analytics that can deal with highly sophisticated security threats with detecting up to 50% more fraud than other rule-based programs.

Within a couple of decades, technological innovations have been making high tides in different industries, including financial institutions. The revolutionizing wave led to the emergence of fintech- the financial technology that competes with traditional financial methods. Although the fintech industry is in its infancy period, it has become widely popular for delivering improved financial services.

In the financial sector, a real-time data integration, advanced security, cost optimization, and customer-centric approach are the topmost needs at the present times. Equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI), fintech aims to provide innovative and convenient access to financial services. Nevertheless, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is significantly accelerating the growth of fintech companies.

Note that artificial intelligence is no stranger to the finance industry. It first appeared in the banking industry; the integration of AI occurred in automated check processing and several other banking services. It is about a decade back to ATM invention; the automated teller machine was first deployed in Barclay’s bank in the early years of the 1960s.

Artificial intelligence has evolved dramatically. The advanced machine-learning algorithms, cloud computing, and specialized software have given the finance sector new opportunities to improve productivity, reduce costs, and fight cybercrime.

Today, people are accustomed to interacting with AI-based virtual assistants, such as Siri and Alexa. Nonetheless, this has resulted in the proliferation of the demand for similar experiences when dealing with banks and other financial institutions. That being said, many FIs, including credit unions and banks, have realized that artificial intelligence is transforming the future of fintech.

Financial institutions can leverage artificial intelligence to create accurate estimations of their cash needs. For instance, artificial intelligence incorporates real-time data to analyze how customers use an automated teller machine in the United States.

Artificial Intelligence and ATM Device

Unlike other forecasting solutions, AI can process more massive amounts of data and more data points. Since the fintech, along with AI, continues to become smarter, it can help conclude the highly fragmented data that most people could not determine. Moreover, when it comes to financial institutions, these strategic approaches equipped with AI solutions can help fight crime, making FIs services more secure.

Notably, the ATM devices from MOBILEMONEY can assist financial institutions to assimilate advanced financial solutions, equipped with the latest technology. Not to mention, the credit card companies in the United States have used artificial intelligence to flag irregularities, monitor account activity patterns, and to fight against criminal activities.

But, new technological innovations have led it to an entirely new level. The advanced machine-learning technology developed by Feedzai is widely used in banking sectors to detect and prevent fraud. FICO, on the other hand, uses advanced predictive analytics that can detect up to 50% more fraud than other rule-based systems.

Similarly, when it comes to ATMs, MOBILEMONEY has developed a series of unparallel ATM solutions with a secure database. It is no secret that the number of criminal activities associated with cash machines has radically increased in the US. Therefore, it has become crucial for financial institutions to deploy innovative solutions that are integrated with the secure transactional network.

Note that, the advanced solution offer unsurpassed services that can bring perennial opportunities for financial institutions. MOBILEMONEY’s services come equipped with the latest AI programs that detect suspicious activities immediately, alerting the team to take action instantly while preventing the occurrence.

Similarly, an ATM company MOBILMONEY is also offering the customers a high-class range of ATMs that are integrated with the latest technology, ensuring to protect the device from suspicious occurrences.

Furthermore, money-laundering schemes have grown at a global scale in a sophisticated way. Therefore, the traditional rule-based systems have become quite expensive and more unwieldy to deploy. Here arises a question that why does fintech matter?

Well, the latest AI technologies offer valuable data that can help the banks and credit unions to detect suspicious activities. Moreover, it helps identify the instances of money laundering in a faster and more accurate way than before.

Fintech and AI are Improving Customer Experiences

Recently, it has been revealed that a large number of banks are striving to adopt chatbot technology to transform their business operations. Of course, the reason is they want to make a relationship with their customer stronger.

When it comes to chatbots, this technology uses AI-based systems to speed up human chats without any hassle and human intervention. Chatbots accumulate a bulk of data on social behaviors and habits that help provide the concerned companies more meaningful answers, such as what today’s customers are up to.

Adopting chatbot technology indicates that financial institutions are continuously making efforts to provide their customers with improved yet flawless financial services. In that case, adopting MOBILEMONEY’s excellent ATM solutions into banking services will ensure these financial institutions to manage their business efficiently.

The Final Verdict

In 2018, the Bank of America introduced its first virtual assistant Erica that offers cognitive messaging and predictive analytics, which provide bank that has over 45 million customers, with financial guidance.
By integrating MOBILMONEY’s ATM solutions into banking services, financial institutions can effectively manage their business along with allowing customers to have impeccable banking experience.

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