The Ticket Redemption Kiosk for Your Casino Floor

The Ticket Redemption Kiosk for Your Casino Floor

Patrons enter casinos with all the hope and excitement of winning gambling challenges. Imagine your crowded casino with buzzing machines and hopping tables; players putting their money in slots or picking a table. Regardless of your casino’s ambiance, features, and facilities, you probably look for ways to make your customers’ experience more amazing and enjoyable.

However, when it comes to gambling, people frequently run out of money during a game. In addition to that, they rarely carry a lot of cash and usually depend on their ATMs. To provide your customers with an outstanding experience at your casino along with no interruption in their games, you can place an SK-500 ticket redemption machine.

What is SK-500 Redemption Kiosk?

Ticket redemption machines enhance your casino operations and activities by freeing up space, time, people, and by cash withdrawals with automatic funds services. Furthermore, it offers your gamers with a one-stop service and great convenience for ATM, bill breaking and redemption.

Moreover, ticket redemption machines provide exceptional ease of use with a large and bright touch-screen kiosk to let customers find dispense points and insertion option easily. A dependable ATM machine, such as MOBILEMONEY, helps create a fantastic impact on your casino in terms of profits and traffic. The latest model incorporates modern technology and knowledge-based tools to advance cash to your patrons instantly conveniently.

Easy Operation with Captivating Appearance

[With its sleek design and eye-catching LED illumination, the Glory SK-500 redemption machine can be a stylish yet practical addition to your casino floor. For first time users, intuitive instructions for operating the machine will be displayed on a large and bright touch-screen.

In addition, the hopper section or banknote validation part is positioned at an ideal height. In addition to that, these ticket redemption machines boast flickering lights so that users can find insertion and dispense points easily.

Glory Global Solutions is a world expert in cash management, delivering technology and service solutions that provide security, productivity and innovation to our customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. These solutions are supported by the technical expertise of Glory Group of Japan, a pioneer in the development and manufacture of money handling machines across the financial, retail, vending, amusement and gaming industries for nearly 100 years.
Glory OEM harnesses this technical expertise and deep global knowledge of cash to provide innovative technology, manufacturer-to-manufacturer focused sales and unrivaled end-to-end support; having generated more than a million installations worldwide.

Provides High Throughput

Besides its eye-catching appearance and smooth operation, the redemption machine offers multiple-voucher paying functions. With its amazing features, the SK-500 can process up to 10 vouchers at a time. The featured function minimizes pay-out timings for consumers and lets the ATM machine efficiently serve patrons in a continuous flow.

Dual Bill Validation

Unlike other casino ATM machines, MOBILEMONEY vision of the Glory SK-500 offers dual bill validation that provides further capacity for voucher deposits and bills acceptance from users into the kiosk. As a result, it helps reduce the number of ‘drop and fill’ operations.

Amazing Bill Holding Capacity

As compared to other casino ATMs models, the SK-500 redemption machine has the largest capacity with around 500 cassettes and 3000 bills for each. Along with this incredible feature, it reduces the need for refilling bill cassettes, especially during times when your casino is fully crowded.

On-Screen Features

The MOBILEMONEY SK-500 kiosk boasts an instant cassette ID method that helps users process drop and fill operations easily and quickly. In simple words, it’s quiet and hassle-free to maintain the machine with its interactive design.


As compared to other casino ATM units, the SK-500 Glory machine is a multi-functional and self-service device that offers an easy and instant way to process ATM transactions along with providing a voucher slot for cash related services, specifically for casino redemption.

In Conclusion

As discussed above, patrons run out of cash at certain times and find ways to continue their game. Whether you run a casino in a small town or a big city, the SK-500 Glory kiosk’s amazing features can radically increase your sales and drive more foot traffic to your location. With MOBILEMONEY’s redemption machine solution, you can improve your customers’ gaming experience and boost your sales.

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