Thriving Casinos Offer Check Cashing Services

Thriving Casinos Offer Check Cashing Services

Casinos never want to lose customers because the player ran out of money. Furthermore, many customers would prefer to roll the dice one more or give the slot machine a few more pulls. That’s why the most innovative casinos have been working hard to retain customers by making it easy for them to withdraw or secure money.

The best way to do this is with a CASINOMONEY Wallet Terminal which allows customers to cash checks right on the spot.

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Increase Convenience and Retain Customers

Check cashing services offers an easy way for players to withdraw money & keep playing their game of choice which helps casinos thrive and retain profits. A check cashing service offers an easy way for customers to withdraw money. Casino Check Cashing Services are quick to process, and the lines are usually short. Plus, if you install a kiosk in your casino, the customer doesn’t even have to leave the premise allowing them to get back to their game of choice.

With a check cashing ATM, a customer can quickly convert their personal, business, or government check into cash. Then, they can continue to play on, head to dinner, or watch a show.

In practice, a check cashing service machine can help you retain customers and keep them on-premise. Many casinos don’t have a check-cashing ATM installed yet; this is good news. By moving quickly, you can secure a competitive advantage in your industry.

Give Your Clients More Choices

What about traditional ATM machines? First, roughly one-quarter of Americans are either unbanked or underbanked. International guests, with foreign cards, may also struggle to withdraw funds from a traditional ATM.

Secondly, ATM fees can get quite expensive, especially if the individual is out of network. Often, cashing a check is more affordable. Further, many traditional banking ATMs shut down during certain parts of the day.

So why not give customers another - better option? You don’t need a bank account to use a check cashing ATM.

Target Your Best Customers

Check cashing services have become popular across the country, and especially in middle and lower-middle-class areas. These same people are also among those most likely to frequent your casino. So why not offer services that appeal directly to them?

Check cashing services offer convenience without the hassle of banks. A customer doesn’t have to worry about dragging along extensive documentation. Yet most check-cashing services, outside of banks, are found at stores, gas stations, and the like. Why make your customers go out of the way? Let them cash their checks right in your casino.

Provide a Proactive Consumer Experience

If you want your customers to stay in your casino, you might sit and hope they like your bright lights, loud machines, and friendly cocktail waitresses -- this is what we call “reactive customer service.”

On the other hand, you can take the driver’s seat by providing proactive customer service because guess what? Reactive customer service no longer cuts the mustard in a consumer-driven market.

According to a Walker study, customer experience will take over price and product as the key brand differentiator. And, a Price Waterhouse Coopers report has found that 86% of consumers are willing to pay more for excellent customer experience.

What is proactive customer service? This is the approach where you make the first move to anticipate -- and provide for -- your customers’ wants and needs. Customers want on-demand service, and this means on-demand machines ready to serve them.

Reactive service is typical; your establishment needs to take it a step further to keep your customers amazed with your onsite services. What would this require? In a few words, it requires the right mix of human and machine-led services and interactions.

In terms of banking, most people are used to machine-led interactions. So, a check-cashing machine would not seem out of the ordinary. Quite the contrary, your customers will wonder why you did not have this system all along.

You see, another aspect of proactive customer service is offering a service to a customer before they become annoyed and reach a pain point. When a customer runs out of funds before they are ready to quit gambling, they can become quite irritated.

If your casino doesn’t offer the option for customers to cash a check they have ready, well, you might expect them to feel some pain. Further, they will associate that pain with your casino.

So, create an optimal way for your customers to acquire more funding. A check cashing machine can do precisely that.

Offer Multiple Benefits

We’ve already talked about lower fees and added convenience. This is excellent news for players, but there are other benefits worth discussing.

Casino check cashing services make sense for casinos and customers in general. Need to withdraw money for groceries? Stop by the check-cashing ATM. Going to a bank often means standing in long lines. And, you have to go on the bank’s time, not your own.

That’s assuming, of course, that the customer even has a bank account. If not, they may have to shell out considerable funds to pay for a business or other organization to cash their check. A check cashing machine is often more cost-effective.

Although, while that person is cashing their check, they might decide to take a few spins on the slot machine. If so, you may have a loyal customer.

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Final Thought: It’s a Win-Win For Everyone

Casino check cashing services offer wide-ranging benefits for everyone. You get to retain customers, encourage them to play your games, and use your services. Customers can continue to enjoy their visit, and they can easily withdraw money. Often, they’ll save money compared to other withdrawal methods.

So, if you don’t have a Casino ATM or Ticket Redemption Kiosk with Check Cashing Services in your casino, there is no time like the present. Give CASINOMONEY a Call at: +1 949-498-0059 or click here to contact a representative.

CASINOMONEY®, a division of MOBILEMONEY®, is a full-service provider of innovative cash solutions for the gaming industry. Since 1996, MOBILEMONEY® has been providing customized cash management and ATM solutions. Together, CASINOMONEY® and MOBILEMONEY® provide cutting-edge technology and financial services that will improve your cage operations and cashier performance, while increasing cash on the gaming floor.