Ticket Redemption Kiosk

Ticket Redemption Kiosk

Ticket redemption kiosks have long been viewed as a strategic tool for improving customer experience and reducing expenses associated with gaming. With such a concept, the CM-2020 has become one of the top choices for a great number of casino owners.

From driving a large stream of foot traffic to boosting revenues, Casino Cash ATM provides a plethora of benefits to the business owners.

However, you’ll agree that in this tech-driven era, consumers prefer convenience. In that case, installing our CM-2020 unit will help increase your casino’s profitability. To help you understand better, scroll down to the details regarding CASINOMONEY's new ticket redemption kiosk.

How Will the CM-2020 Ticket Redemption Kiosk Help Maximize Your Patron's Spend?

Recent evaluations of consumer behavior have shown that ATM casino represents around 80% of kiosk transactions. Nevertheless, if you’re thinking to install an ATM unit for your casino floor, you need to make sure that your vendor is providing you with all the insights for the right placement for maximum withdrawals. This is why CASINOMONEY is the perfect connection to have for your casino atm financial services. Not to mention, CASINOMONEY provides you all the essential details along with solutions to maximize cash access at your casino.

The CASINOMONEY CM-2020 Ticket Redemption Kiosk explained

How Can Casino Cash Box Boost Revenues?

At present, e-check solutions and cash advance make up 4% of kiosk transactions. Yet, these transactions are usually 4 times more than the number of transactions made through ticket redemption machines. Well, putting more cash in your casino box will allow your patrons to make as many transactions as they want, without any hassle.

As a result, you will earn a surcharge fee on every transaction. CASINOMONEY not only enable you to leverage these services but also overcome consumer inconvenience.

How Can Casino ATM Cash Advance Machine Help Maximize Spending In Your Casino?

While putting more cash into your patrons’ pocket seems a good idea, it’s important for you to ensure that the transaction made is spent with you. Nevertheless, ticket redemption kiosk provides a large number of casino owners with a captive audience, making the gaming experience awesome and transactions process easy.

CASINOMONEY provides you with an ATM machine that comes with a captivating appearance and hence attracts customers as they are walk-in.

How Gaming ATM Drives Foot Traffic?

As we mentioned earlier, featuring a captivating appearance with its sleek design and LED illumination, the ticket redemption machine CASINOMONEY will serve as a practical yet chic addition to your casino floor. The bright touch-screen with intuitive instructions makes the transaction process simple and easy for consumers.
When your patrons will not find any inconvenience while making a transaction, they will certainly drive to your casino.

How Can Casino Cash ATM Keep Your Patrons And Business Safe?

There is no doubt that ticket redemption machines have not only solved a number of problems for casinos but also boost the gaming experience for patrons. Moreover, these casino ATM machines have also made the transactions at casino safe and secured with its advanced programming, such as EMV and encryption.

In addition, these machines offer tokenization that protects guest data along with maximizing consumer privacy. By that we mean, CASINOMONEY provides you with slot machines that keep your personal information and data safe and secured.

The Bottom Line

Although the full evolution of Casino ATM withdrawal will take time, installing one at your casino floor will certainly cause no loss to your business. In fact, having a ticket redemption machine at your place will provide you with plenty of benefits that eventually boost your business performance and productivity.

However, when it comes to shopping for a ticket redemption machine for your casino, make sure to choose the vendors, such as CASINOMONEY, to have a great, hassle-free experience.

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