What an ATM Placement Does For Your Business

What an ATM Placement Does For Your Business

Whether you have a retail store or your own office in a business park, you will agree that customers today look for convenience, no matter what. In addition to that, you’re likely to know that most Americans rarely carry cash, so they prefer to keep credit or debit cards for cash withdrawals.

As a result, the idea of installing ATM machines into business locations is ramping up steadily. That being said, ATM machines are expanding business ventures while encouraging the trend of cash-less society.

According to an RBR report, it is anticipated that there will be 3.7 million Auto Teller Machines deployed around the world by 2022. The figures indicate that ATM installations are becoming trendy in a short period.

For business owners, extra cash withdrawals from customers’ end serve as a value-added convenience. However, when it comes to the introduction of the technology, the need for simple, convenient, and efficient access to money led to the invention of Auto Teller Machines.

Aside from allowing basic financial transactions, such as withdrawing cash, checking account balance, ATMs have led businesses to incorporate portable cash machines into businesses. Familiar with its benefits, merchants leverage ATMs for various reasons.

According to a report, the number of ATM devices grew steadily and reached to 420 thousand as of the first quarter of 2017.

Drive more Traffic

Placing a retail ATM in publicly-accessible locations, like a convenience store or a hotel lobby, can help generate more traffic. Furthermore, people who need to withdraw cash instantly will visit your store to use the ATM facility.

Strategically, you will have an opportunity to convert them into your customers for goods or services you deal in. In other words, positioning an ATM unit will draw customers to your store and increase the success rate of your business.

Higher Customer Retention

When you install an ATM device into your business, you will certainly drive a stream of foot traffic to your location. Moreover, providing visitors with a great facility for cash withdrawal helps retain them inside; an ATM device in retail stores prevents customers from leaving.

Higher Sales

If you run a cash-dependent business, such as bars, restaurants, or entertainment venues, customers arriving at your business location are likely to spend a large amount depending on how much they have in their pockets.
By installing an ATM machine, customers will be able to keep spending money without any interruption. In this way, they can make more purchases at your retail store, which will eventually increase your sales.

Installing ATM Units into your Business

Having an ATM device at your retail store or business location can boost purchases and increase your revenue. Not just this, but owning a portable cash machine serves as a tremendous investment for generating passive income.

Moreover, it usually offers annual returns that offset the initial cost, making ATM machines a great yet low-risk investment.

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How to Purchase an ATM?

So you’re convinced enough to buy an Auto Teller Machine for your business; however, you might be thinking where you should get it from. While the purchasing process doesn’t create a hassle, various vendors distribute portable cash machines and retail ATMs.

However, MOBILEMONEY, as credible ATM providers, make the process relatively hassle-free. In addition to that, they also offer leasing options, which typically hover around $80 per month, depending on the device model and lease duration.

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