What Features Does the CASINOMONEY Kiosk Offer?

What Features Does the CASINOMONEY Kiosk Offer?

Feature Rich and Ready to Redeem

CASINOMONEY has come up with the next generation of highly intuitive and effective cash access casino; they are offering a wide range of casino kiosks that feature improved functions. Their devices will allow the patrons to conduct transactions at casinos without any hassle, along with preventing them from driving away due to inconvenience. Since their entire range of kiosk provides the customers as well as the ’operators’ multiple functions, it will undoubtedly improve the casino management system, allowing the casino owners to attract a large number of casino players.

Overall Specifications of the Casino Kiosks

Mostly comes with a display size of the 15.1-inch innovative yet interactive screen, the CASINOMONEY casino kiosk allows the users to conduct the ATM transactions and ticket redemptions with great convenience and ease. Featuring a 2-color receipt printer, the receipt dispenses from the CASINOMONEY casino kiosk depicts transaction details clearly and prominently.

Compliant to ADA, the device allows people with weak sight to efficiently operate the machine. With its Dual bill acceptor and JCM ticket, it has become easy for patrons to operate the CASINOMONEY casino kiosk. Featuring both a PCI and an ADA encrypting PIN pad, the device provides the customers with a secure transaction environment. Boasting a camera on the top, it helps operators monitor and records the activity at their casino kiosk.

Why Choose CASINOMONEY Casino Kiosk?

Their casino kiosk is a blend of expertise from award-winning automation engineering and a high-end suite of cash access products. The device will allow various patrons to cash out their vouchers at the same time; they will not have to wait in long queues to redeem their casino tickets.

With its full-function ATM processing, the casino kiosks of CASINOMONEY will meet the specific requirements of individuals coming to casinos. Moreover, with its credit card cash advance facility, patrons will be able to continue playing games for hours without worrying about running out of cash.

The MOBILEMONEY’s casino kiosk offers POS debit advance, check to cash, and customizable bill breaking, which allows the customers to access secure ATM solutions and effective casino solutions while using a single device.

What Features CASINOMONEY Kiosk Offer?

When it comes to features that kiosks provide to its operators and customers, there is no parallel of the device in the market. CASINOMONEY ensures to offer its customers a reliable and modern range of casino kiosks, which help owners to expand their business while captivating the vast majority of patrons by providing them the best casino solutions in the town.

CASINO Bar barstool

Premium Service

Since CASINOMONEY has a competent and skilled team of engineers, the device offers a higher level of equipment in the whole industry. With catering to a large number of customers requirements across different states of the United States, the company offers 24/7 hour monitoring and maintenance service, guaranteed response time, and highly automated tech solutions.

Enhanced Security

CASINOMONEY ensures to integrate the advanced tech solutions along with fraud and skimming prevention technology to mitigate the risks associated with the machine. Therefore, the 720-G casino kiosk offers real-time security for the transactions that patrons made through this device at casino floors.

High Reliability

CASINOMONEY delivers a higher level of uptime in the entire market; it offers unsurpassed features such as intelligent diagnostic modules, which cater to the specific needs of individuals. With their proactive maintenance, operators will be able to know about all the potential issues beforehand.

Great Capacity

All the CASINOMONEY kiosks offer great dispensing capacity; their Glory SK-100 boasts a capacity of 3000 cassette notes. Installing a device with a higher range of capacity for cassette notes will give operators the peace of mind since they will not need to refill the kiosks particularly when their casino floor will be filled with a large number of patrons.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to installing a casino kiosk, look no further than CASINOMONEY. With their wide variety of casino kiosks, it has become easy for casino owners to choose the device that best suits their needs.

CASINOMONEY Inc Places, Installs and Develops ATM Gaming Machines for casinos around the world.