What is an ATM Topper & How can I Use My ATM Topper to My Advantage?

What is an ATM Topper & How can I Use My ATM Topper to My Advantage?

No matter what type of business you operate, you will agree that consumers’ choice is one of the major priorities for you. Moreover, where your marketing campaigns help customers decide whether or not to purchase your product or service, they also play an essential part in building your brand reputation among potential customers.

Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to use the right tactics when targeting your customers; remember that much of your business success depends upon it. The way advertising is consumed today has changed. People are far more likely to ignore the advertisements they see on TV and billboards. So, where you should advertise your business? ATM toppers are the answer!

One thing that is pivotal to your customers today is using ATMs; marketers are leveraging customer engagement at ATM devices. They have topped ATM units with digital screens to advertise their brand. Surprisingly, in a very short period, the use of ATM toppers above the cash machines is growing increasingly popular in retail stores.

That being said, if you have an ATM installed at your business location, then it’s a great idea to place an ATM topper above it. By advertising other brands through it, you can earn extra income using ATM toppers.

To help you make the decision, it’s crucial for you to know that benefits that come with placing these digital screens on your ATMs.

What Benefits ATM Toppers Provide?

Operating costs, high capital, and technical challenges limit the deployments of ATM toppers. However, these barriers have been eliminated, and several ATM operators are installing these digital screens into their cash machines. In other words, the use of ATM toppers within the retail industry is growing significantly, which is great.

Not to mention, ATM toppers are captivating and can capture the attention of a person for much longer than TV, radio, and newspaper ads. Most interestingly, these digital screens can advertise one or many products at a time, along with ensuring that the message is being conveyed to the prospects effectively.

When it comes to usage, businesses that are in the finance industry are using ATM toppers in various ways. They are leveraging those customer moments in an ATM environment to persuade consumers with the delivered messages to build loyalty and affinity. Nevertheless, you can even use ATM toppers to guide your consumers about making secured transactions.

Whether you own a restaurant, convenience store, or hotel, you will agree that your focus is more on third-party advertising or local marketing to create new leads for your business. Considering that, you can use ATM toppers to serve the purpose more efficiently.

Now that you know the many benefits that come with ATM toppers, it’s imperative for you to look for reliable and trustworthy ATM providers. In that case, look no further than MOBILEMONEY.

They offer a wide range of state-of-the-art cash machines so that you can choose the unit that best suits your business needs.

Moreover, all the ATM devices they have been integrated with robust security software that prevents the incidents of robbery or mugging. They also offer incredible shipment services, cash delivery, and maintenance of ATM after the purchase. Not only this, they monitor your ATM device 24/7 to avoid any pitfalls and unfavorable situations.

The Bottom Line

No doubt using ATM toppers not only helps you generate extra revenue but can also make your business stand out in the industry with its efficiency. Moreover, the emerging trends and increasing deployment of ATM toppers clearly indicate that these digital screens are playing a significant and influential role in the retail industry.


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