What is ATM Marketing and How will it Benefit You?

What is ATM Marketing and How will it Benefit You?

Irrespective of whether you’ve rented an ATM or purchased it, it should not only be a machine to dispense cash for your target audience. Automated teller machines are now used for numerous reasons; of which the most useful purpose is marketing campaigns.

ATM marketing is revolutionizing the way marketing companies execute well-planned strategies, leaving a lasting positive impression in consumers’ mind.
Even though the concept of using ATM(s) as billboards is a comparatively new way of marketing, but it has proved itself to be quite capable. With more advanced versions of ATMs, organizations can personalize their advertisements, making them much more interesting for users.

Numerous consumer product providers understand the importance of being remembered – the ‘be seen or be lost’ mindset. Therefore, they always try newer and better ways to carry on with techniques to increase their visibility.

Marketing fanatics still can’t get over Coca Cola’s marketing campaign, ‘The ATM of Happiness’ campaign. It would start will a simple question asking if the user would like 100 Euros without their card. Yes or No? To which the user would reply ‘Yes,’ then the ATM would respond, ‘Only if you agree to share it.’ Again the user would reply ‘Yes’ to that query. This would go on with suggestions of sharing until the lucky user would receive the money. Even though the money was not tracked, plenty of winners followed through the recommendations and bought toys for their kids, or food for random kids, and so on.

Various other organizations are slowly adopting this approach. They are altering the methodology, but the medium is the same, i.e., ATM.

Ways to Make Money Out of ATM Marketing
Thoroughly Utilize the Machine’s Screen: Apart from the main screen of an ATM, newer models have another monitor, specifically, that organization can utilize for marketing purposes. Regardless of the model of your ATM, there will be sufficient space to promote your brand/organization.

Have Receipts Printed With Your Logo/Brand: Every user is given a cash receipt after withdrawing cash, and that is usually kept in their wallet for a few days, or until the next transaction. These receipts can act as an effective way to increase your brand/organization’s visibility, by having the brand’s name or the company’s logo on the receipt.

Used as a Guerilla Weapon: Like Coca-Cola, numerous entities have started using ATMs for their guerrilla campaigns. Once a bank exchanged $20 notes with $50 notes and spread the word. Since they strategically planned this activity during the holiday season, it resulted in an increase in foot traffic to their ATM(s) significantly.

Indeed, ATM marketing mutually benefits both the parties involved. Consumers become more aware of the brand/organization sponsoring the event or ATM, the sponsoring party increases its visibility in a much more cost-effective way, and the host of the ATM(s) (convenient stores, or pharmacies) experience a rise in their sales when such marketing campaigns are on the roll.

Due to increased competition and rising operation expenditures, ATM marketing is a useful tool for marketing. It is not only cost-effective, but it raises brand awareness among individuals, groups, and communities in general.

As compared to any other type of outdoor advertising, ATM branding has proved to be quite reasonable in cost. For instance, billboards can cost thousands of dollars and take months to plan and set up for a couple of weeks, while ATM marketing can be executed conveniently through a competent service provider, such as Mobile Money, for the period you choose.

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