What is QuasiCash?

What is QuasiCash?

No doubt handling plenty of cash is a bit tricky for businesses and financial institutions. In other words, handling banknotes may cost you more; there is always the risk of receiving counterfeit notes. Furthermore, your employees need to process coin and paper money physically. Not to mention, the traditional currency has become quite inconvenient for users, especially if you live in the developed countries, like the United States.

It is essential to mention here that to reduce the hassle of managing banknotes, Sweden has recently announced to become a cashless society, where all the financial transaction occur through digital means.

There is no doubt that cashless transactions provide you with significant benefits; it helps you effectively manage your account books and protect you from counterfeit bills. Furthermore, it saves your customers from making trips to the bank and prevents them from waiting in the long queues.

Therefore, if you own a financial institution, you can mitigate such nuisances by allowing people to use payment alternatives such as cash advances or QuasiCash. Besides reducing the operating costs usually incurred in your business, it will also provide you with several other benefits. To know more, let us explore the advantages of using QuasiCash; it will help you make the right decision for you.

What are the Benefits of QuasiCash

Before getting into the details of benefits, it is crucial for you to understand what QuasiCash is. Well, in general, it is an item or product that is representative of actual cash, such as foreign currency, money orders, and traveler’s checks. Put simply; QuasiCash represents making payments to banks or other financial institutions for advance cash.

To help you understand better, let us take an example of a hosted payment page, which enables you to collect money more securely and faster through your credit union or bank website.

Advantages of Using QuasiCash

QuasiCash improves your cash flow within your bank or credit union by allowing you to accept payment in various forms. Not to mention, transactions made through QuasiCash are prompt. Most importantly, you can collect money at any time of the day or on any day of the week. Besides this, it also allows you to establish recurring billing, which ensures that all future payments go through automatically and securely.

Other than this, using hosted payment will help you to mitigate your Payment Card Industry (PCI) scope; this is probably because your business website will not collect any sensitive data directly. Instead, all the information stored securely and processed most safely.

Benefits of QuasiCash for Casino Owners

In this context, the ‘cash advance’ is when your customers make transactions through credit cards from Auto Teller Machines, placed at your casino floor. Well, many ATM companies offer this service; CASINOMONEY provides QuasiCash or Advance cash service most securely. Not to mention, the service for cash advance includes specific fees.

When it comes to the advantages of using QuasiCash from ATMs, remember that it will enable your patrons to have hassle-free gaming experience. As a result, you will be able to attract more customers and thus make your business thrive well in the gambling industry.

The Bottom Line

CASINOMONEY provide convenient and secure access to cash for your customers while providing you with the most reliable and trustworthy ATM solution. In addition, it offers advance cash solutions to patrons, so that your customer does not have to face any inconvenience while gaming in your casino.

Not to mention, CASINOMONEY’s highly skilled team and world-class research pave the ways to provide customers with integral QuasiCash products to your casino needs.

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