Why Integrating Robust Security in Your ATM Has Become Essential

Why Integrating Robust Security in Your ATM Has Become Essential

Whether you have an ATM installed at your place or you are planning to buy one in the future, keep in mind that the security of a cash machine should never be overlooked. In fact, it must be one of your major concerns, especially if your ATM unit is deployed in a less secure location.

The importance of securing your ATM cannot be emphasized enough; it’s incredibly crucial to protect your cash machines with all the security measures to minimize the risk of crime.

A case reported in April 2018, revealed a couple that went on multiple sprees, robbed the places, stole cars, crashed into retails stores, and stole from ATMs. The federal grand jury impeached crystal French and Matthew Dale Bush, both of Grasonville.

According to the report, Bush stole money from 5 ATMs by crashing in the retail store, smashing the door, attaching a chain to the ATM device, and pulling the machine through the door. Furthermore, the authorities confirmed that newlyweds continue to commit such crimes, which is alarming.

Similarly, another incident was reported in Plano, Texas. The U.S. Attorney’s Office announced the arrests of 27 Houston locals who were involved in ATM robberies, not just in North Texas but also in seven other states of the country.

According to indictments, these 27 people were accused of committing around 47 robberies, which involve ATMs as well. These incidents happened throughout Missouri, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, North Carolina, Illinois, Arkansas, and Georgia. The report mentioned that the estimated amount stolen from automated teller machines was $2.7 million.
Considering both these incidents, it clearly indicates that ATMs are more susceptible to robbery, and thus, you need to adopt several security measures to prevent such occurrences at your place of business.

How to Safeguard the Cash in your ATM?

So, how can you protect a bulk amount of cash in your ATM? Alternatively, how will you keep your ATM safe from criminals? Not to mention, such concerns have become more prominent since the growing number of credit unions and banks are eagerly striving to boost profit margins.
However, technological advancements and growing security concerns have caused security officials in the country to generate some successful solutions to ensure the security and safety of ATMs. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that the threat of hackers and malicious attacks are real and constant.

The Bonnie-and-Clyde-style Maryland incident revealed a couple stealing cars and crashing them into stores to steal ATMs. It is a recent example we mentioned in this article. At the same time, the Houston gang, which includes ATM technicians, was indicted for stealing ATM devices from hotels and other places.

It clearly shows that cash machines are always vulnerable to theft and robberies. However, a technique that makes ATMs dispense all its cash, known as ATM jack-potting, made its debut in the U.S.

Nevertheless, there are some ATM providers, such as MOBILEMONEY, that strive to provide you with robust security for your ATMs. They coordinate with their security-related personnel and departments to ensure maximum ATM protection for your unit.

Besides this, their tech team is well trained and skilled, specialized in dealing with skimming devices, cybercrime, internal fraud, and physical theft among others.

The Bottom Line

Along with the technological advancements, the criminals continue to become more sophisticated; not to mention, millions of dollars in an ATM is a tempting target for them. As a result, you must keep an eye on emerging security threats and trends. Continue to learn, evolve, and improve your security system, so that you provide your customers with the best-in-class solutions.

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