Why Renting An ATM For Your Next Event Is A Great Idea

Why Renting An ATM For Your Next Event Is A Great Idea

Whether it’s a show, exhibition, or festival, every organizer wants to make their event a hit! At the same time, business owners trying to promote their brands and bi-proxy their products or services would undoubtedly wish to leverage such events for enhanced credibility and increased sales.

More specifically, as an event organizer, you’re probably brainstorming ideas to make an event successful and profitable at the same time. Nevertheless, there is an easy, yet incredible way to achieve both these goals. Wondering how? It’s simple! Get an ATM Rental from MOBILEMONEY!

According to the World Payments Report, emerging market trends expect global cashless transactions ramp up to 21.6% by 2021. Rising trends for non-cash transactions indicate that people utilize ATM services rather than carrying cash. Therefore, installing an ATM rental in your next event will certainly make it a big hit! Let’s explore more.

Make More Profits with a Portable Cash Device

Unlike carrying cash, an ATM unit offers people an option to make large cash withdrawals or transactions. Think of it this way: if people are coming to your event only carry cash, they won’t be able to spend money freely.
In contrast, installing a portable cash machine at the venue provides them with an incentive to withdraw more money in case they run out of cash. You can alleviate their concerns by offering them the best option to get the cash they need. Consequently, it will increase sales, which means you earn more money by placing a surcharge on each transaction.

Your Event Will Be a Big Hit

People are more likely to embrace new trends and look for convenience as much as possible. When visiting your event, people will find an ATM machine at the venue and be overwhelmed by the idea.

Besides, they will be highly impressed that you took care of everything, down to the last detail; providing them with every facility to make their experience amazing. In this way, it will also benefit the events you will be organizing in the future. This small, but valuable addition will convince people to attend the events you hold down the line as well.

The Most Appropriate Place to Add an ATM in Your Event

Now that you’re convinced with the idea of placing an ATM in your event, you’re probably thinking about where to keep it. Of course, the location of a portable cash machine is crucial for the success of an event.
Considering this, you need to place the machine where it’s visible to everyone. For instance, the entrance to a venue is a good spot so that when your guests will arrive, they will know an ATM is nearby.

Hiring a Rental ATM

If you’re worried about where to get an ATM rental from, then your search is over. Hiring a dependable mobile ATM, like one from MOBILEMONEY, is a viable option to keep cash rolling during the event.

These portable cash devices incorporate full vinyl wrap and arrive in weatherproof trailers. Furthermore, you can create a visual impact by investing in a great flag for the ATM. Also, placing ads on both sides of the ATM can help you generate more cash.

While the price of an ATM device depends on the model you choose, the latest models cost around $3k to $6k. Since these prices are quite high, leasing an ATM machine is the better option.

The Bottom Line

Whether it’s a music concert, a holiday party, festival, or any exhibition, ATM rentals can have a significant impact on your event. It will not only drive a number of people to the venue but also boost your sales while increasing credibility.

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