Why You Should Always Opt For a Secured Event ATM Rental

Why You Should Always Opt For a Secured Event ATM Rental

If you have any festival or fair coming up, you would be planning many things. From choosing a captivating venue to placing a dependable mobile ATM machine, there is a lot to do when it comes to organizing recreational events.

Although installing a rental ATM device at your place is a good idea, you need to ensure certain things to make your event stand out.

While ATM units contain large amounts of cash, there is a high risk of mugging, especially at public gatherings. Put simply, choosing a reliable rental ATM machine for your festival is important, as it will save you from some inevitable pitfalls.

Before delving into the approach to secure your mobile ATM, it’s crucial for you to know the possible risks associated with non-secured ATM units.

Can Attackers Hack Your ATM Rental For Festivals?

Criminals, especially tech-savvy ones, are usually aware of ways for hacking ATMs. These cash devices have concealed USB ports, used for software update and maintenance. If a cyber-attacker succeeds in locating that hidden port, they insert a portable USB with a malicious program.

As a result, they can access all the sensitive data stored on the device, and take control of the ATM machine rentals. Furthermore, it allows muggers to withdraw the cash without using an ATM card.

Other than this, the substandard communication network installed in the ATM machine can become another means of attack. Hackers often make efforts to intercept the communication between the back and the machine to collect useful data.

Once they obtain the information, robbers remotely install malicious software to get the cash.

The great news is, today, most ATM machines come with advanced security programs installed. MOBILEMONEY provides state-of-the-art mobile ATMs that are very safe and secure.

How To Ensure Your Mobile ATM Machine Is Secure?

As technology is advancing day by day, criminals continue to leverage smart techniques to perpetrate ATM mugging. On the other hand, ATM builders are providing advanced ATM machines with strong network protection, incorporated with standard secured servers.

Security specialists are continually striving to improve the dependability of ATM machines using event management (SIEM) solutions.

Not to mention, SIEM systems detect intrusion attempts hackers made to rip the ATM machine. A SIEM system gives early warnings to help identify suspicious withdrawals made at an ATM. It receives audit logs from the server to monitor and analyze transaction activity.

Make sure to opt for the most dependable ATM vendors, like MOBILEMONEY, to ensure that your mobile ATM is safe and secured from theft.

ATM Monitoring to Mitigate the Risks of Robbery

There is no doubt that events with large public gatherings can be successful with the placement of a mobile ATM. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that as an organizer, you would be engaged with a plethora of things. Hence, you’ll hardly get time to monitor an ATM rental until the end; MOBILEMONEY addresses your worries by monitoring ATM machine rental places at your event venue.

While most of the new ATM machines are reliable, MOBILEMONEY provides with the highly dependable rental ATM units with full-time monitoring. They monitor and control your cash device with its advanced software, developed to trace every transaction or cash delivery. Dedicated to providing reliable cash-access solutions, their ATM units offer excellent customer service.

The Bottom Line

It’s no secret that consumers usually look for their convenience today. Placing a portable ATM for your event will not only drive significant foot traffic to your venue but also provide an outstanding experience to your guests.

However, when it comes to opting for a trustworthy rental ATM for your event, MOBILEMONEY provides state-of-the-art and dependable mobile cash devices with free technical support. In addition to safe financial transactions, they offer great convenience to their customers.

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